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G. Mousas: I am wrong in the list of Giorkatzi

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G. Mousas: I am wrong in the list of Giorkatzi

Giannakis Mousas, Maronite Representative in the House of Representatives, is open to any audit regarding the so-called Giorkatzi list published with the Politically Exposed Persons who had non-performing loans.

As he mentions he has no non-performing loan and wrongly, unjustly and incorrectly his name is on this list.

The announcement as it is

Open to any control

Regarding the superficial and irresponsible inclusion and publication of my name in the so-called list of Giorkatzi, which includes Politically Exposed Persons who allegedly maintain non-performing loans, I want to personally and responsibly declare that I do NOT have non-performing loans. Neither today, nor when the specific list was prepared.

Consequently, wrongly, unjustly and incorrectly, my name is on this list, which the Speaker of Parliament himself described as rough and erroneous. I clarify on this occasion that any disputes that existed between me and some credit institutions, as a result of the crisis of 2013 with the collapse of banks and those that followed, have been resolved IN ABSOLUTELY LEGAL WAY since 2016.

More specifically, I am referring to cases concerning the former Laiki Bank and later the Bank of Cyprus and the former SPE Makrasykas and later the Cooperative Bank. All information and relevant agreements are at the full disposal of the competent auditing authorities.

On this occasion, I declare in the clearest way that as a Politically Exposed Person (despite the fact that I do not have the right to vote and speak in Parliament) but also as a citizen, I have been and am always open to ANY CONTROL.

Finally, I reserve all my legal rights.

Source: www.philenews.com

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