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G. Xanthopoulos: The father of the 19-year-old who was killed in the traffic accident is shocked – “We have been on medication for three days”

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Γ. Ξανθoπουλοσ: Σοκαρει ο πατΕρας του 19χρονου που σκοτoθηκε στο τροχαλο – «Ελμαστε τρεις ημΕρες με φαρμακα»

The funeral of the unfortunate young man took place yesterday

The father of the 19-year-old spoke on the show of Giorgos Liagas on the morning of Friday, March 15 who was killed in the fatal traffic accident involving the singer, Yiannis Xanthopoulos.

As the father of the unfortunate young man revealed yesterday Thursday, the funeral took place, while he said devastated on the show: “The funeral took place and everything is over. Very heavy climate.

Very bad. When a 19-year-old kid leaves… If he was a snake, it would be less sad. We just know it was found but it wasn't done and I think something. They just say it in the news. The other went to the grave and the other is free and drinking beers…

It will go legal as it should, to the bone. As long as it goes, and it's worth it. I have, I don't have, it will go legally, it's not possible. I'm not interested in the money, I'm interested in it going legally, going where it should. They don't bring back my child but don't take another”.

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He then added: “1000 people came to the funeral, such an incident has never happened before. A 20-year-old to go to die in an accident without fault is a pity. He is a criminal and must be handed over” while he confessed that both he and his wife are on medication.

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