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Gaps and distortions of social policy for people with disabilities highlighted by the president of KYSOA

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In his speech before the Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Confederation of Disabled Organizations, the President of KYSOA referred to the serious violations of the rights of integration into the community, independent living, ensuring an adequate standard of living, employment and health, employment, rehabilitation, health and participation. and the entertainment of the citizens with disabilities of our country.

He also referred to serious violations of the rights of women with disabilities in various areas, which require, inter alia, the establishment of services for single-parent families, in particular women with disabilities living alone or women with children with disabilities. and living alone, as well as taking measures to reconcile work and family life for the benefit of dependent children and adults with disabilities.

He further referred to violations of the rights of children with disabilities, including in education, age and disability discrimination, violence and ill-treatment.

Addressing the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works who honored the Assembly with his presence, the President of KYSOA pointed out that accessibility issues are unfortunately still low on the agenda of the state, local authorities, including/and actions are implemented that perpetuate stereotypes and prejudices and consolidate the exclusion of these citizens from the structured environment and consequently from the community in which they live.

He then referred to the fact that KYSOA and its Member Organizations, having no other choice, were obliged to raise the issue of the implementation of urban redevelopment projects before the competent services of the European Commission that finances these projects, thus reaching already in the Municipality of Nicosia the first remark that initially concerns the project on Makariou Avenue, with the clear position of the European Commission, that the way this area of ​​the capital was finally formed by placing “granite cubes on the Avenue

Makariou and other lanes prevent their use by the blind “and their human rights are violated. “If the local authorities, not only in Nicosia, do not radically change their attitude towards citizens with disabilities and do not approach these issues with respect for dignity and the general principles of human rights, there is a visible risk of being imposed in our country. even financial sanctions, the costs of which will unfortunately have to be borne by the citizens themselves who are negatively affected by these wrong policies and practices. “

He then reiterated the firm request of KYSOA for the establishment and operation of an independent Accessibility Authority, which will aim to promote the principle of accessibility and universal design in all environments, products and services. “Any further delay in the implementation of sound accessibility policies will have serious consequences and will contribute to the mortgage of the present and the future of citizens with disabilities,” said the President of KYSOA.

Considering that people with disabilities disabled people experience chronic poverty, social exclusion, misery and live permanently on the margins, the increase and expansion of meager benefits paid today at a rate of less than 20% of all people with disabilities, fixing our country in the last places among the Member States of the European Union in these matters, is the only way out to cover part of the cost of disability and upgrade their quality of life.

, implementing a roadmap of claims to the end, with a gradual escalation of the intensity of this struggle, for implementation of the principles of the legal approach to disability, the enjoyment by all citizens of fundamental freedoms and the realization of their human rights by gaining an equal position of their full integration into society.

Source: politis.com.cy

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