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Gaps in the legislation for charity fundraisers – The proposed law that brings change

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Legislative loopholes appeared to exist, regarding the conduct of fundraisers and events that have a charitable nature and give a percentage of the proceeds to a specific purpose, resulting in several exploitation of the public is sometimes observed, with the Parliament wanting to strengthen the framework, considering a law proposal that brings a change to the scene.

In recent years, several events have shown that they are going to give part of their income to charity, while a similar scenario is presented to various companies, which announce that they are selling a specific product, to give to a specific organization, however there are various cases where the final amount given to this cause is not proportional to the profit that the organizers have.

“As the legislation is today, there are some insurance barriers for someone to conduct a fundraiser, etc. and certainly the legislative framework has improved a lot, but many things are left out. There was also a bill that came earlier that corrects the framework, but it focused on fundraising related to health issues and called on the Ministry of Health to participate. The proposal aims to introduce a framework”, the rapporteur of the law proposal and Member of Parliament of the Democratic Alarm, Fotini Tsiridou, explained to REPORTER.

Essentially, the proposed law that has been submitted to the Plenary and forwarded to the Interior Committee, since it is related to the Law on the Conduct of Fundraising, wants to set the framework that will govern the conduct of the events in question, so that citizens know how much and where the money will be given.

“Anyone doing an event, a concert, a play, whether they're selling something, like jewelry or sweets and it's for charity, they should record and let people know what it's for, so they know where they're going and also it must inform what percentage will be given to the cause. Many times we have seen that there are reports that at an event, part of the profits will be given to a charity and someone can have a profit of 10,000 euros and give 100 euros to a charity”.

However, what is made clear from the point of view of the DISY MP is that at the moment there are also those sellers who list the exact amount of revenue for each product that will be made available, stressing that this is the correct tactic that everyone should follow. “People can't be asked to pay exorbitant tickets, but little goes to charity. The law proposal is on this sphere, because the legislation talks about fundraising”.

It does not foresee the amount of the percentage that will be given

It is noted that, in the proposal of the law, no provision has been included, according to which it is mandatory for the organizers to indicate the amount of the percentage of the revenues that will be available, as in this way it would limit the field quite a bit, as a result of which problems would be created for those that they really want to offer.

“I did not put in the proposal a law that it should be announced what is the amount of the percentage that should be given, although there are countries that have done this. For example, it is not possible to hold a concert, the ticket of which is 100 euros, they say it is for charity, but the expenses are 94 euros. There are countries that say the costs should be proportional to the percentage they will give. But that would limit the world he wanted to offer. What the proposed law says is that they will be obliged to announce the percentage they will give, if it is for example all the net income or a part”.

Ms. . Tsiridou pointed out that the uproar that had been created in Italy at Christmas, with an influencer who claimed that she would give the proceeds from the sales of her products to help a children's hospital, however it became clear that this did not happen. “Italy had proceeded immediately with the preparation of a bill, which also contains the competition principles and is stricter. In my own proposal I did not involve the corresponding authority. Let's improve the framework for now and then see how to evolve it.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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