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Gas station owners announce reductions in fuel – Request a meeting with PtD for flows to the occupied territories

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<p data-block-key=Further reductions in fuel are announced by the gas station owners, who, although they do not know the day when the drop will be recorded, nevertheless, observing the price of the barrel internationally which has a downward course, they estimate that this will soon be passed on to Cypriot gas stations as well.

It is noted that at the present stage, Amolybdi 95 fluctuates around 1.53 cents, Amolybdi 98 at 1.57 cents, Motor Oil at 1.54 cents and Heating Oil at 1.09 cents. At a time when consumers characterize the prices in question as high, for their part the gas station owners seem to be satisfied, while a positive thing for them is that further reductions are coming, especially in oil prices.

In his statements to the REPORTER, the press representative of the Association of Traders, Christodoulos Christodoulou, explained that the reason for the expected reductions lies in the fact that the price of oil internationally is falling, which is currently at $80. However, according to Mr. Christodoulou, “the reductions in prices are delayed and for this reason they are delayed in being noticed, for a period of about two weeks”.

In general, the assessment that exists among the gas station owners, according to Mr. Christodoulou, “is that the prices on the market are quite good and satisfactory. Citizens are no longer so frustrated with fuel, but they are frustrated with food and products in the market whose prices remain high.”

At the same time , there is concern among the gas station owners about the non-stop flows of fuel to the occupied territories for the supply of fuel and for this reason they are going to send a letter to the President, in order to hold a private meeting, to solve the perennial problem.

As Mr. Christodoulou mentioned, “flows continue every day at an intensive rate to the areas occupied by citizens in order to obtain cheaper fuel and unfortunately because we see that nothing changes, we will request a private meeting with the President of the Republic and see the next steps to deal with this situation. Within the next few days we are going to send the letter about the meeting and discuss the issues that concern us with the President himself, as last time, the discussion was not with Mr. Christodoulidis, but with another of his representatives”.

Consumers do not expect reductions, but stabilization

On their part, however, the consumers, express their disbelief about the expected reductions, since they believe that they will stabilize at the prices they are today, at a time when increases in the price of electricity are observed.

According to the president of the Cyprus Consumers' Association, Marios Drousiotis, “prices are on a downward course, but the way they are falling is not satisfactory. Our assessment is that the declines should have been greater, but we do not know whether in a fortnight they will be bearish. However, personally, I believe that the prices will not decrease further and will remain at the current levels. Already, in the previous days, a three-cent reduction in gasoline was announced by a certain company. In the best of cases, we believe that the prices will remain as they are.”

In addition, Mr. Drousiotis noted that consumers cannot be satisfied, “because at the same time that reductions in fuel are announced, there is an increase in electricity, so for the consumer there is no difference, since what he saves on the one hand, he pays for on the other. Accuracy remains with the consumer and these reductions do not provide any meaningful effect. The only positive thing is that fuel does not increase more”.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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