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Gaza Strip: The Israelis “sealed” the dead zone with Egypt – Fierce fighting in Rafah

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<p><strong>Israel is escalating military operations in the Gaza Strip as in addition to the tanks that entered the center of Rafah on Tuesday (28/5) the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed that they had deployed troops along the Philadelphia Corridor – of the thin dead zone separating Gaza from Egypt.</strong></p>
<p>Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces now had nine kilometers of the strategically important route under their control.</p>
<p>The Philadelphus Corridor – 14 km long is a demilitarized dead zone that runs along the Gaza-Egypt border, as stipulated by the treaty that followed the signing of the 1978 Camp David Accords between then-Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.</p>
<p>In a statement about its operations in Rafah, the Israeli military says they are “engaging terrorists in close combat and identifying terrorist tunnel shafts, weapons and additional terrorist infrastructure in the area.”</p>
<p>The Israeli military says also that it is “intensifying” operations in the central Gaza Strip and conducting operations in northern Gaza.</p>
<p>The tanks were spotted in Rafah for the first time since the start of Israeli operations near the Al-Awda mosque, a central Rafah landmark, witnesses told Reuters.</p>
<p>Al Jazeera footage posted on social media social networks reportedly show tanks advancing on Rafa.</p>
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Exclusive footage from Al Jazeera shows Israeli occupation tanks advancing further into the west of Rafah city.

The Israeli occupation intends to fully occupy the Philadelphi Axis with Egypt, effectively encircling the Strip and implementing disastrous restrictions. pic.twitter.com/6rgaIOJ8XK

— Quds News Network (@QudsNen) May 28, 2024

The presence of Israeli tanks comes as Israel continues its aerial pounding of Rafah despite international outcry after it sparked a fire at a tent camp for displaced people, killing at least 45 people and injuring 249 others. the UN Security Council.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the bombing a “tragic accident”.

The Israeli military said it was investigating the civilian deaths, after initially announcing that it had targeted two Hamas operatives with “precision munitions”.

At least 26 Palestinians were killed in strikes on Tuesday (28/5), officials in the enclave controlled by Hamas militants said.

Israeli tanks advanced into the western neighborhoods and took up positions atop Zurub hill in western Rafah. , in one of the worst nights of shelling reported by residents. On Tuesday (28/5), eyewitnesses reported gunfire between Israeli troops and Hamas-led militants in the Zurub district.

Palestinians flee Rafah

Meanwhile some of the hundreds of thousands of civilians who had taken refuge in Rafah are now fleeing the city as military operations intensify.

Families were seen carrying their belongings to Rafah as they sought refuge away from the escalating fighting.

The Israeli military says it is determined to continue the operation as it claims it is one of the last remaining strongholds of Hamas in the Palestinian enclave.

What Palestinians think about recognition from Spain, Norway and Ireland

The Israeli operations come on the same day that Spain, Norway and Ireland recognize the Palestinian state.

The recognition by the three European countries is causing mixed feelings among Palestinians. Some, as reported by Aljazeera, see this recognition as a very important move, which will ultimately put more pressure on Israel to end the war.

But the vast majority of displaced Palestinians are just busy trying to find basic goods – food, water and medical care.

There is also concern, particularly among Palestinians tired of constant movement, that Israel's military will retaliate with attacks targeting more civilians in Gaza.

This is because whenever something happens internationally, we see an increase in attacks. So the fear right now is real, the panic is real.

Anger from the Israeli Foreign Ministry

Already the Israeli reactions are intense. Israel's Foreign Minister Israel Katz has issued a strong public criticism of a top member of the Spanish government.

In a video posted on social media last week, Yolanda Diaz, the left-wing deputy prime minister and labor minister of Spain, used the controversial expression “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea.”
Writing in Spanish in X, Katz compared Diaz's views to the leaders of Hamas and Iran, saying they were asking “the disappearance of the state of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian Islamic terrorist state from the river to the sea”.
By not firing her and not recognizing a Palestinian state, Katz accused the Spanish prime minister of complicity in inciting “inciting the murder of the Jewish people and war crimes”.

source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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