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George Giannopoulos: The well-known drummer for sexual abuse of underage girls is in prison

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The 69-year-old former drummer of Pyx Lax, G., took the road to prison today after his apology to the 14th regular interrogator. Giannopoulos , who apologized for a series of criminal charges involving four new charges against him for sexually abusing underage girls.

These categories are: Sexual intercourse with minors under the age of 12 and those under the age of 12 once in a row and continuously, but also abuse of minors under the age of 14 once, in a row and continuously.

These new accusations made against the musician and for which he was remanded in custody today, concern four girls, who according to the accusation, the well-known drummer sexually abused during the period from 2007-2015, while they were minors.

The 69-year-old allegedly committed the acts for which he is being prosecuted in two campsites in the prefecture of Ilia, where he was on vacation, as the complainants and their families were on vacation. In fact, according to information, he was expelled from both campsites as their owners were informed about the complaints against him. In fact, for this aspect of the case, a relevant testimony has been given to the investigator.

What adult women today are complaining about George Gannopoulos – except for one who is still a minor and testified as required by law in the presence of a specialist psychologist – is really shocking and disgusting. “One day in the middle of the holidays, the defendant and I and some other little girls were playing in the sea, the defendant approached me and making a joke” about peeing in the sea “, he found an occasion and caught my vagina” from the women who reported the drummer for sexually abusing her while she was a minor. “After the incident, I found an opportunity to get out of the sea and since then I started to avoid it. The following year, in the first fortnight of the month, the defendant was there again, at the same spot. I saw him continue to approach the children of the vacationers and allegedly “play” with them. What he did to me shook me. That is why I come forward and testify what happened so that no other girl falls victim to… “, she has added.

Another woman testified that the musician suggested that they play a computer game on the computer – and while all the girls in the room & # 8211; they were looking at the computer screen he, as the girl says, “took the opportunity to put his hand through my underwear and started rubbing his fingers in my vagina, between my legs”. “I tried to get up at that moment” – the complainant states – “but he grabbed me by the arms and pulled me on his whip and continued to caress and rub me on that spot”.

Meanwhile, on June 17, the 69-year-old will be tried in the second instance for another felony offense involving the sexual abuse of a 6-year-old girl. In the first instance, the musician was sentenced for this case to 12 years in prison without the court recognizing any mitigation. However, the court of first instance had then granted him a stay of execution of the sentence until the appeal, while he also imposed the terms of the obligation twice a month at the police station of his district and forbade him to leave the country.

Source: politis.com.cy

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