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George Loukaidis in “P” for candidacies Mavrogiannis, Christodoulidis, Neophytou: “Three candidates, two options”

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“From the facts, so far at least, it appears that we will have three main candidates in the upcoming presidential elections, but only two options”, notes the MP, AKEL parliamentary representative George Loukaidis, referring to the candidacies for the 2023 presidential elections of Averof Neophytou, Andrea Mavrogianni (if the decisions of AKEL are finalized) and Nikos Christodoulidis. In an interview with “P”, Mr. Loukaidis refers to the choice of continuing the Anastasiadis government & # 8211; “Alarm with one of its two key executives or the selection of Andreas Mavrogiannis, a candidate who can effectively express and represent those seeking progressive change.” An option “that can unite society and especially those who feel frustrated by this government and the impasses it has created, and look forward to a new beginning and the restoration of the credibility and dignity of our country and people,” he added./p>


Regarding the announcement of Nikos Christodoulidis for the presidential elections of '23, as a general comment, Mr. Loukaidis reiterates the “two aspects of the Anastasiadis-Alarm government”. On the other hand, adds the AKEL executive, “we naturally expected Nikos Christodoulidis, in announcing his candidacy, to start accountable for the actions of the government he served, supported, participated in its decisions, defended, covered and covered “, In his expression. “Instead, we watched him make findings, now, after nine years in government, about what is bothering our people and society. As if he was absent abroad. But, for & # 8217; “These serious problems, which he seemed to see for the first time, are co-responsible for causing them or not treating them,” he points out. Consequently, he continues, “as is the case with Averof Neophytou, when Mr. Christodoulidis presented the & # 8216; vision & # 8217; “In a very general way and without saying anything substantial, the question arises as to whether he has the necessary credibility to proceed to solve these problems that plague society, since as a government official he is also part of them,” said George. Loukaidis.

Different roles

What is the difference between Mavrogianni and Christodoulidis in the Cyprus issue? Both are close associates of President Anastasiadis.

First of all, their role in the management of the Cyprus issue and/or in foreign policy was very different. Regarding the Cyprus issue, Mr. Mavrogiannis was not a government official and did not take decisions, but was appointed as a negotiator by the Greek Cypriot community, with the unanimous approval of the National Council. At the same time, it had no role in shaping foreign policy decisions. Mr. Christodoulidis, as Foreign Minister, among other things, blames the failures and the superficial assessments in relation to Turkey's intentions for Famagusta, the incorrect assessments regarding the possibilities of Turkey to proceed with investigations in the Cypriot EEZ, the incorrect assessments for sanctions that will hurt Turkey and for manipulations that ultimately led to our complete isolation in the European Union and to folding. Mr. Mavrogiannis, on the other hand, on the issue of Famagusta, to refer to a single example, warned very early on about measures and actions that had to be taken. More specifically, however, in relation to the Cyprus issue, at least for what is known to date, in contrast to Mr. Christodoulidis, who in no way differed in anything from President Anastasiadis, Mr. Mavrogiannis spoke publicly and at an unsuspected time. for the collapse of our side narrative and for the image of unreliability we have internationally. Regarding the future manipulations that need to be done on the Cyprus issue, which is obviously even more important, and there is already a different approach. Specifically, talking to you on a radio show, Mr. Mavrogiannis stressed the need to respect the acquis communautaire in its entirety, at a time when we should certainly continue to claim the best possible arrangements for individual open issues. For his part, Mr. Christodoulidis limited himself to a general reference to the ICC, without even referring to political equality.


AKEL criticizes Christodoulidis for being next to Fr. Anastasiadis in the age of golden passports. And Mavrogiannis was next to Fr. Anastasiadis in the time of the two states. As much as one has responsibility, the other also has .. .

Mr. Christodoulidis, as a key government official, as I have already answered, is responsible for everything that this government has done or not done in the last nine years. It is not just that he participated and made decisions in relation to the gold passport industry, in the context of a government that in the eyes of the world is now registered as a government of corruption and entanglement. He is objectively co-responsible for decisions on all capital governance issues. From the underfunding of the public health sector for years, to the collapse of institutions and the mutilation of the rule of law. From the policies that served the great interests, to the detriment of the many disadvantaged but also to the detriment of nature and the environment, to the deficits in social policy and the deadlocks and setbacks in Education. On the other hand, as I also mentioned, Mr. Mavrogiannis has never been a government official, except in the Christofias government as Undersecretary of State for European Affairs, for & # 8217; this should be judged only in terms of its role and responsibilities. But also for & # 8217; This specific question, which concerns Mr. Anastasiadis' backstage flirtation with the two states, which he shared with many of his interlocutors, can be found in an interview with Mr. Mavrogiannis several years ago, which criticizes and characterizes the two states as “ridiculous”./p>

Positives are KOV

How is the discussion in the party base groups (KOV) about Mavrogianni?

The discussion between the members of the party is developing in a very positive way for the proposal submitted before them by the Central Committee of AKEL. After the completion of this process – which includes, in addition to the free expression of views and reflections and a secret ballot, the evaluation process of the debate and the voting will follow in the AKEL provincial committees, in the Politburo and finally, again in the Central Committee, which will to submit the final proposal to the Extraordinary Pancyprian Conference to be held on June 5. There, the final decision will be made, after discussion and secret ballot. We are talking about processes that not only do not have similarities in other party formations, but that do not even approach them.

There is criticism from your members on social media that they have no choice, that it is a decision to take it or leave it, and that this is not democratic.

The members of the party have the possibility to reject the proposal-suggestion of the Central Committee, for whatever reasons each member is led to this position. If the proposal is rejected to a large extent, then the Central Committee is obliged to review its proposal. Also, party members have the right to freely propose another or other proposals. As I mentioned, so far, the vast majority of party members have embraced the proposal-proposal submitted by the Central Committee.

Bridges with DIKO

Why didn't you find them with DIKO for the presidential elections?

I believe that there was a sincere mood and will on both sides for there to be cooperation from the first round. Of course, we said from the beginning that it is one thing to show will and another to turn that will into a concrete result. The main reason that this effort did not succeed has to do with the different limits set by each party until the end in terms of the person of the candidate. The failure of the effort did not lead to a game of blaming, but instead sought to keep the bridges of communication and cooperation set up. As far as AKEL is concerned, our intention is to keep these bridges solid until the end. We believe that the proposal of the Central Committee for the independent, cross-party candidacy of Andreas Mavrogiannis, with its characteristics, serves this purpose as well, allowing the coexistence and unification of forces with the other opposition parties, social movements and the disenfranchised citizens. seek change in the governance of the country.

Why from the Center-Right?

Why is the Left looking for candidates from the Center-Right? And do not tell me it's to secure alliances…

You also gave the answer with your question so, yes, I will tell you that. As we have done in a series of electoral contests since the founding of the Republic and from then on, our goal is not to go and count forces as a party in these elections. The priority goal that was set as a priority was and remains to join forces with all those who seek change in government. Or at least, let us take the necessary steps in this direction, facilitating such a prospect, regardless of whether other political forces will eventually do the same. It is on the basis of this reasoning that the AKEL JC unanimously determined the political framework in view of the elections, a framework that was also approved by the party members in the assemblies held last February. This is the nature of the proposal for Andreas Mavrogiannis, which has the element of excess, in order to facilitate the coexistence with wider forces, without in any case canceling basic program positions and sensitivities maintained by AKEL, for all major issues. that occupy our place and our people. On the contrary, with Mr. Mavrogiannis, who states that he belongs to the progressive space, we found a wide convergence of views and a willingness on his part to contribute to the final configuration of the program positions that he will submit. We certainly do not expect, nor was it required, an absolute coincidence of views.


Source: politis.com.cy

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