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Georgios Pafos: Premiums are being paid – We hear it from many (VIDEO)

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Παφου Γεωργιο&sigma ;: Γiνονται πριμοδοτorσεις – Το ακ οyμε απo πολλοyς (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

In the Events Sections, the Custodian of the Throne, Metropolitan of Paphos Georgios, was hosted, who spoke about the conduct of the elections and the possibility of bonuses. He also stated that his statements on organ transplants were misinterpreted.

He initially stated that the preliminary lists will be posted by tomorrow. "From the 8th to the 10th of December, the final lists will be given which will include those who applied now".

He added that every citizen can be informed from the website of the Archdiocese about exactly where they are voting or by going to their parish. "The centers are about 940 all over Cyprus".

He explained that citizens will only vote with their ID. "Voting will start from 10:00 to 1:00 and from 2:00 to 6:00. It is possible that there will be an extension of one hour. He clarified that the faithful will vote for one of the Hierarchs.

The Metropolitan of Paphos emphasized that the power of the people is limited by the nomination of the Tri-person but does not limit the Synod to choose the first. "The philosophy of the statute is that the people have different criteria and the Hierarchs have different criteria. They are the ones who will work with the new Archbishop to co-manage the Church and will judge who has the appropriate resources and perspectives to work with them.

Talking about the premium he mentioned that it is within the permissible limits but not within the ethical limits. "It is happening and we hear from many that they were instructed to vote in a certain direction. I don't know and I haven't crossed it. The law does not prohibit it.

He also said that the election of an Archbishop is very important because of the crisis that the world and the Orthodox Church are going through. "In a semi-occupied place that needs to find a way out, the voice of the Church matters". He went on to say that each Hierarch has a staff next to him who can take the pulse of the world and can see what the world is asking for. "Adaptability exists without changing doctrines".

Regarding his statements about transplants, he said that the Church considers it smallpox because people who would die or have a lower quality of life can live. "I was the first to propose to the Synod that we should accept transplantation as a gift from God and I was the first to sign and I am an organ donor". He added that his statement was not simply misinterpreted but out of the blue to give the wrong impression to the faithful. "My position is clear and I always talk about transplants but also about bioethical issues".

He pointed out that although the pre-election is held at one level it is an election and the staffs try to reduce other people for to nominate their own candidate. "I appeal as the Overseer that the elections be held in a mild climate because the next day we will all work together to lead the Church where it should be".

Finally, he mentioned that the Church's statutes give the faithful the right to trouble and highlight his chosen one.

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