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Gerasimos is in a coma after a year,” says the mother of the sole survivor from the first carriage

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“Gerasimos is fighting a titanic battle, still, everything is critical” said his mother – The 21-year-old has already undergone two operations, while “the prognosis is poor”

Gerasimos, the only survivor of the first carriage, remains in a coma a year after the tragic accident in Tempi.

“I still can't face the image with the two wagons,” his mother tells Mega, who for the first time spoke publicly about what happened that day. All this time, the mother stays next to her child, who fights every day to stay alive.

“For a year now, he has been fighting bravely for his life. He is attended by the best doctors in the world, equal to the doctors of the intensive care unit of the Larissa General Hospital, who fought hard for our child and became our family. A year later, I have so much to say, it's not time,” he says.

At first spontaneously and then with effort, she tries to control her anger. “I focused on the how and not the why. How to fix, how to cure, save,” he said.

The situation is particularly critical. “Gerasimos is fighting a titanic battle. Still, everything is crucial, nothing else is meant, than to be next to him, undivided, unaffected. Just the words of the doctors and the decisions about the next steps. I look for his look, his voice, his music… and the only thing I can think about beyond my child is this: “Never let it happen again”.

“The evolution of the situation it is unpredictable for him”

“Gerasimos is in a coma a year later. And the evolution of his condition is unpredictable. Gerasimos has had 2 operations. The prognosis is poor,” he explains.

“But besides my love, I only have hope and faith to give him. I trust him, he has won many battles. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for the people who are praying for my child. they also give me strength. My absolute priority today leaves no room for anything else”.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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