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German chancellor wants to avoid World War III – Answer why he did not hand over weapons to Ukraine

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Scholz is facing growing criticism at home and abroad for his government's apparent reluctance to deliver heavy weapons, such as tanks and shells, to Ukraine to help repel Russian attacks, even as other Western allies increase missions.

Asked in an extensive interview published on Friday why he believed the delivery of tanks could lead to a nuclear war, he said there were no rules as to when Germany could be considered a party to the war in Ukraine.

< "That's why it's even more important to look at each step very carefully and to coordinate closely with each other," he allegedly said. "Avoiding a NATO escalation is a top priority for me."

& # 8220; For & # 8217; this I do not focus on polls or let myself be annoyed by loud calls. The consequences of a mistake would be dramatic. & # 8221;

This was a departure from his earlier statements on the subject, focusing on the fact that Germany's own army reserves were too depleted to send heavy weapons to the battlefield while they that German industry said it could supply could not be easily used.

Asked why he would not explain his government's reluctance to threaten nuclear war, he said such “simplifications” were not helpful.

Separately, Scholz defended his decision not to immediately suspend German imports of Russian gas in response to what Russia calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

& # 8220; I do not understand at all how a gas embargo would end the war. If (Russian President Vladimir Putin) were open to economic arguments, he would never have started this crazy war, he said.

& # 8220; Second, you act like it's money. But it is about avoiding a dramatic economic crisis and the loss of millions of jobs and factories that would never reopen. & # 8221;

Scholz said that This will have important consequences not only for Germany but also for Europe and the future financing of the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Source: KYPE

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