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Germany: Against the relaxation of the “debt brake”, but the majority in favor of early elections

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Deterioration of ruling parties continues

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Despite the policy of austerity entailed by maintaining the “debt brake”, the majority of Germans are clearly against its relaxation and the country's new borrowing. At the same time, the deterioration of the governing parties continues. Early elections are requested by 59%.

According to the “Political Barometer” of the second channel of the German public television ZDF, 64% say “no” to the relaxation of the “debt brake” in order to cover the financing gap, while the opposite opinion is expressed by 30%. Those who answer positively come mainly from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens.

In the question about the intention to vote, the SPD gathers just 14% (-1), which is its lowest polling percentage in the current legislative term. The Greens with the same percentage (-1) and the Liberals (FDP) with 5%, confirm the citizens' dissatisfaction with the work of the government coalition. The Christian Union (CDU/CSU) leads with 32% (+1) and the Alternative for Germany is firmly in second place with 22%.

In their assessment of the year ending, however, 66% of Germans have a positive assessment, while 31% have a negative assessment. For 2024, 58% expect their situation to remain stable, 28% to improve and 13% to worsen.

In a poll by the INSA Institute on behalf of the BILD newspaper, 59% are in favor of holding early elections within 2024. 27% are in favor of the end of the government's term. In order to call an early election, the chancellor would have to ask for a vote of Parliament and fail to get the required majority. He would then have to ask the Federal President to dissolve the Bundestag to make way for the polls. CDU leader Friedrich Merz on Wednesday asked Mr. Scholz to proceed with this process, which Olaf Scholz flatly rejected.

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