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Gerontissa's vision of Kyprian's last hours – “She saw Christ all gold in a light”

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Το οραμα Γεροντισσασ για τ&iota ;ς τελευταiες – ΕΙδε τον Χριστo ολoχρυσο μeσα σ&epsilon ; ενα φως»

Father Christodoulos is shocked about his son – “The child was not wronged. He gave him two days. That's why we found him on the third day”

Father Christodoulos Papaioannou gave a full interview to RadioHristotita on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the tragic accident in Tempi, which resulted in 57 souls losing their lives.

Among them was 23-year-old Kyprianos Papaioannou who was on the fatal train and lost unjustly his life.

Father Christodoulos spoke about his decision to start a family, Kyprianos' childhood while revealing unknown stories about his son.

Among other things, Father Christodoulos revealed how Kyprianos thought to become a priest from a young age, saying characteristically: “Last year he had talked with his fiancee that he could become a priest, he said “I have it in my soul, I don't want to prejudge it, I don't know if I'm worthy” . He could easily become a good priest who would help many. He had a gift to convey what was in his soul”.

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He was shocked by the story he described, when an old woman from Greece contacted him in order to talk to him about his son. >

Specifically the old woman mentioned to him: “I had prayed a lot for Cyprian, I don't know why I singled him out from those who died there but it made an impression on me and my soul wanted me to pray and God informed me about who Cyprian was and how he died”, with Father Christodoulos added: “It was shocking for me and it comforted me. Because when the accident happened, I went back and said I can't interpret anything, I was so shocked that I couldn't articulate a word.And I said “God, you as a good Father, that I need to hear and give me the medicine I need. I was really amazed how God works. We are one year later. In that time I got more answers than I wanted to get. Which covers a veil of ignorance about how the accident happened. At least for my own son who was my own agony”.

He added: “The old woman told me, I prayed and saw. Tell me, did your son wake up at night in his sleep and get scared?” Cyprian had a sensitivity to sleep and it was something personal, I didn't say that. And this old woman told me she was scared in his sleep because he was too sensitive. And when he heard that someone had something, at night he was restless, he wanted to find a solution.The old lady told me details about Kyprian that only I knew. God did not leave us uninformed about the life of Cyprian in this difficult time. Because when someone dies we all want to be near them. When someone leaves suddenly, we are left with a big void. And all this information came and filled a void to comfort my soul and the daisy.”

He went on to state that, “the world may think that he says about his son to console himself. Of course, I am saying what others have told me. When this old woman catches me and tells me the life of Cyprian, and she told methat Cyprian prayed to the Brigadiers and made a plea, which only I knew, and did her in the train so that she wouldn't have to carry her home, you understand that she knew. I kept quiet and listened, because I understood that she knew. God showed her everything I needed to hear. This old woman saw the last moments of Kyprian when he made the request”.

Finally, Father Christodoulos revealed what the old woman told him: “He said he made the request to the Brigadier Generals, after saying goodbye to his fiancee and went inside the train. He also told me a detail that he had a thought to go by plane. I sent him money to take the plane back. But he tells you to save money, he was a housekeeper. I tell you I have weddings, I will have to save.He was thinking very maturely. The old lady told me that too, but I already knew it. He told me that when he began to pray, inside he began to hear answers to the many questions he had. He had many questions and concerns as a human being. Existential questions. While he was saying the supplication, he could not concentrate because he heard the answers out loud inside him. And he stayed for a while and listened to the answers. At one point he wondered, who answers me inside? And he hears a voice saying to him, “I am answering you my child. And he turns upwards and sees the face of Christ.He saw Christ all gold in a light that could not be described.

He felt that fullness and peak of joy that a human can feel. And he says, “My Christ, how did you accept me for such a thing”. And Christ said to him, “my child listen, in a little while something very great will happen, many will leave. Do you want to come with me or do you want me to do something and stay here on earth?' I learned from another source thatCyprian was troubled and gave him two days to think about it. This is our God. The child was not wronged. He gave him two days. That is why on the third day we found him, we discovered who he is. Until then we were in pitch black darkness…. And another person told me that “your son is sending you this message. Saint Marina entered before the body, so that it would remain whole. I was out of my body for two days, he gave me time to decide where I wanted to go. If I decided to go back, my body was whole, I could live.” It was also his decision, he said “I will not lose, my Christ, what I am living now”.

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See the excerpt at the 32nd minute:

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