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GESS: Maximum number of free visits to personal doctors – 15 euros the extra visit

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The request of the Pancyprian Medical Association for determining the maximum number of visits of the beneficiaries of GESS to the personal doctors was approved by the board of the Health Insurance Organization on Thursday night. This means that the beneficiaries, when they exceed a certain number of visits, will have to pay a supplement of 15 euros. Specifically, the OAY decided for the pediatricians that the supplement will be paid in cases where the number of visits per child, per year, exceeds the following numbers per age group:

-From 0-1 years old 10 visits

-From 1-3 years old the 8 visits

-From 3-5 years the 7 visits

From 4-10 years old the 4 visits

-From 11-18 years old the 3 visits

Personal doctors for adults

In order to deal with any phenomenon of overcrowding, a supplement of 15 euros is also paid by the patients to the personal physicians for adults, in cases where the number of visits per beneficiary, per year, exceeds the following numbers per age group:

-From 16 – 18 years the 3 visits

-From 18-40 years the 4 visits

-From 41-50 years the 6 visits

-From 51-65 years the 8 visits

Over 65 years in 10 visits

It should be noted that the above regulations exclude chronic patients, low-income retirees, recipients of the minimum guaranteed income and their children.

For adult personal doctors, the board of the OAU has decided that the fee for each visit by a person who is a beneficiary in the health systems of another Member State of the European Union is revised from 35 euros to 45 euros.

For pediatricians, OAY decided like fee for each birth (normal or caesarean section) as well as the e-care of the newborn until discharge with a maximum stay in the hospital of seventy two (72) hours or the transfer / escort of a newborn to another hospital (when medically necessary) is revised from 150 euros at 200 euros.

The OAU, in a relevant announcement, also leaves open the possibility for an increase of the per capita salary of the personal doctors by 15%. This will happen if there is an unallocated fund.

Source: politis.com.cy

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