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Giannis Karousos: I have no complaints against students who change two buses (audio)

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” I have no complaints about students being forced to “change two buses to go to school”, said on the show “Morning Inspection” in Politis 107.6 and 97.6 , the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Giannis Karousos, on the occasion of the program of transporting primary school students to their schools , which will be picked up by bus from house to house.

The “Golgotha” of traffic

Asked to comment on messages from listeners who spoke about the daily “Golgotha” in the streets, the Minister of Transport said that “we have decided what actions we will implement and we are proceeding according to plan.”

He went on to say that traffic is not a problem that can be solved in one day. “There are,” he said, “three factors that will help improve the situation. First are the major road projects under construction such as the perimeter which will reduce cars in Nicosia by 25%. In the next three weeks, a decision of the Council of Ministers for the expropriations is expected and an offer will be announced for Hippocrates-Argyroupolis, which is the parallel road network from GSP to Lakatameia that will help a lot “.

He went on to say that within the next two months, an offer will be announced for the installation of intelligent systems in traffic lights in Nicosia and Limassol, where traffic management will take place. He even mentioned the example of Agia Fyla where something similar was applied and a significant improvement in traffic was observed, with the route being reduced from 40 minutes to 15 minutes.

Mr. Karousos rejected the complaints from citizens about the specific system in Agia Fyla, saying that “every day we receive letters of thanks that note the improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area”.

The Minister of Transport also stated that at the moment measurements, scenarios and a study are being done on how the change of hours in the public service, schools and some other organizations will affect the traffic. “The study,” he said, “will be ready in September.”

Citizens complain about buses

Asked to comment on listeners' messages about the problems faced by students who have to change two buses, the Minister of Transport said that “we have new bus companies with new contracts, an improved network that has been simulated and approved by experts, academics and transport specialists and there is no complaint that we have received and we have not resolved it “. He went on to say that he has never received a complaint from the Ministry of Transport that there is a student who changes two or three buses “.

He even called on citizens to go to the website of the Ministry of Transport or directly to him on Social Media.

Buses from house to house

Regarding the program of transportation of primary school students to their schools from house to house, the Minister of Transport stated that this is applied in several other countries and that it will facilitate parents and help solve the traffic problem. “The goal,” he added, “is to start piloting in September in some schools in each province to see any difficulties in each area or school.” The Minister of Transport added that the success of the effort will cooperation with school boards, school principals, parents' associations and local authorities. He explained that the pilot period concerns a school year and “if everything goes smoothly, without particular problems, then it will be applied in all schools from the next school year (2023)”.

Regarding the charges, Mr. Karousos said that the transportation of the children will be free at the pilot stage. “If there is a charge afterwards”, he added, “it will be the one that exists in high schools and lyceums which is 10 euros per month”.

School attendants

< On each bus there will be an attendant who will pick up the child from the parent to take him or her to school and follow exactly the same procedure for returning home when the students are out.

Listen what the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Giannis Karousos said in the “Morning Inspection” broadcast by Politis 107.6 & amp; 97.6:

Source: politis.com.cy

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