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Giorgos Dalaras: He broke out against journalists – “Don't you find what you're doing ridiculous?”

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    Γιоργος Νταλαρ&alpha ;ς: ΞΕσπασε κατΕ των δημοσιογρΕφ&omega ;ν- «Αυτo που κανετε, δεν το βρiσκε τε γελοiο;»

    Giorgos Dalaras did not hide his annoyance, even describing the journalists' work as “ridiculous” after the backlash he caused for what he said about his colleagues who choose to participate in advertising.

    “Do you know why we are here? For Vassilis Tsitsanis. Do you know anything about Vassilis Tsitsanis? Will you share what you learned on your show? Way to go guys. If you want something for Tsitsanis, please, all the rest…” Giorgos Dalaras initially said when he faced the journalists.

    But afterwards, Giorgos Dalaras did not hide his annoyance, even describing the work as “ridiculous”. of journalists.

    “Those who react are doing excellent, just as I am doing excellent to say my own opinions. Can I ask something. Don't you find what you are doing now quite ridiculous? Both for you personally and for the channels you represent. This is not journalism. It is not good what you are doing.

    Soon if you see these and see yourself, you will be ashamed. They don't do that. Iron does not stick when boiling. And you who are cute, your dad or your uncle, will tell you that what you are doing is a shame, don't do it” said Giorgos Dalaras with the journalist replying that she is just doing her job.

    < p>“You think you're doing your job. Work is not about doing anything whenever you feel like it. Work is doing something consistently, with ethics and with principles. What you are doing lacks principles,” he retorted.

    Then, all the journalists told him that they were not insulting him, they were just asking him some questions about what followed after his statements.

    “You think I'm insulting you. I'm not offending anyone, I'm just stating my opinions. If you are offended by my views, look away. I did not do anything. I've been the same for so many years” replied Giorgos Dalaras and left.

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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