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Giorgos Kapoutzidis for a specific show: “They wanted to have a fight and do tricks

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    Γιоργος Καπουτ ζησσυγριεκποπ «εναεκσκνο υν νοyμερα

    “Let ESIEA look for it”

    Georgos Kapoutzidis, on the occasion of the presentation of Thessaloniki EuroPride 2024, was on the set of the show “Mera with color” with Elsa Poimenidou and Haris Arvanitidis on Friday 6/28 on ERT3.

    Among other things, in fact, the actor and screenwriter wanted to express his personal dissatisfaction with a show that he felt had recently cheated him when he came out to talk about the bill for same-sex couples.

    “When you took me to come on the show, I answered in the negative and I will explain why. Because even today, here I think ESIEA should be taken because it is not my job to do it, I will give you an example.

    There was a show while the bill was being debated that invited same-sex couples to talk about their families. At first the same-sex couples were flattered and said, “oh that's great, this show wants to help us and we'll be able to talk about the kids, us, what we're going through and all that.” The necessary and inviolable condition, the prerequisite, that was set for them was that “yes, not only you will speak but we will also put another person against you who will attack you to say the other point of view”. Normally, they told them that they would not be alone”, said Giorgos Kapoutzidis initially.

    And he continued: “They didn't allow these people to come out and talk about their children, they didn't want them anyway or else to come out and talk about their children. They wanted a fight and to play tricks. ESIEA should look for this, the show that did it is very specific”.

    “I want to say that I was also invited to a show and they promised me that “yes it will be you, same-sex couples and so on.” When I went to the link, which was also abroad, I saw that what they had told me was a complete lie and across from me I had people who had declared that they would vote “no” on the bill and so on. I was cheated! When I understood there, then, that they have set up something like this, I said to them: “Just a minute, I will tell you the following. I have not come to sit and let a person speak negatively about me and my personality.” I was too strict and I cut it from the beginning”, added Giorgos Kapoutzidis.

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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