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Giorgos Liagas broke out for Tempi: “Bullshit! We must also look in the mirror”

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Ξεσπασε ο Γιоργος Λιαγκας γ&iota ;α τα Τεμπη: «Σκασμος! Πρεπει να κο&iota

“We need to see as a society what exactly happened”

The national tragedy of Tempe was dealt with by all the morning shows on Greek television and not only, wanting to pay tribute to honor the 57 souls of the accident but also to send the message to the politicians that those responsible should be punished!

Among them is Giorgos Liagas who dealt extensively with the tragedy of Tempi, with him to broke out at the start of his show.

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Specifically the presenter of ANT1, said: “One year later I see that in the death of 57 people a festival has been set up for who of all of us is more merciful, has more sensitivities and gives more weight in this national tragedy.This people, the Greeks, on the backs of 57 people who died, are pointing fingers and pointing at each other, boasting that one has more sensitivity than the other.

There has been an argument in the last few hours which show has hosted the views of Mrs. Karystianou the most. That is, if a show has hosted Mrs. Karystianou for 10 minutes and a show for 8, does the show that hosted her for 10 have more sensitivity? Are they more Greek? Do they hurt and bleed more? It's a shame to say all this. A year on the problem is which show does the best reporting? Which journalist dealt less or more with the issue of Tempe?”.

Finally, Giorgos Liagas added: “One year later it is who did it for TV viewing, who really cried and who feigned crying to rouse the world? Have you figured this out a year later? A year later, for these people, all they need is an apology from the rest of society and shit, silence! Only that! We must also look in the mirror, we must see as a society what exactly happened”. Anastasia – “You were laughing, that's all I remember” (Photo)

Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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