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Giorgos Liagas on the divorce from Fai Skordas: “I went to a doctor! I faced it very hard” (Video)

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    What he revealed for the first time – “When we broke up with Faye we were…”

    On the evening of Thursday, February 29, Giorgos Liagas was a guest on “Enopios Enopio” with Nikos Hatzinikolaou. Among other things, the well-known presenter talked about his divorce from Faie Skordas and revealed that he faced it very hard.

    “I am a child, a child of divorced parents, a child of badly divorced parents. I stayed with my mother for some years. They had a big conflict, that's not the point, many couples break up with conflict. The point is that my mother for too many years my mother disappeared from my life. I don't want to say the circumstances etc. That in itself is a big wound, which I don't know if it ever closes.

    When a mother forcibly leaves a child's life for many years, when at some point you are called to separate from your man, you consider it a great success on the one hand, you think twice, four times, until you make the final decision. When that changes, you carry a burden – I still carry it – that my children may have to accept the separation – which was a mutual decision, a calm and sweet separation from Faye – as their father abandons them as the parent abandons me my.

    I faced it very hard. I got help, I went to a doctor. It was a very difficult period for me. On the other hand, the fact that I had a very bad time as a child makes me try to be as close as possible to my children.

    When Faye and I broke up we were here at ANT1. We told ANT1 at some point why the TV collaboration had to stop. When we said that, they presented us with a survey from those who make the channels which showed that we are the most loved couple in Greece. “What are you doing? You will create a stir, people think you are the most loved couple” I told us. Another thing that happens in a couple, that there was no massacre with Faye. We parted very sweetly and calmly. Obviously, at some point two people don't match, it doesn't work out,” Giorgos Liagas said characteristically.

    Watch the video below:

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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