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Giorkatzi list goes north on the internet

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Giorkatzi list is on the internet

It was a disaster yesterday, as soon as the list of Giorkatzi was posted in Parliament, which among other things includes non-performing loans (in December 2018) of 4.5 thousand politically exposed persons (PEP). In the first two minutes after the posting of the list, the website of the Parliament was blocked, due to the huge traffic from citizens, as a result of which the system fell for a while.

Then the system came back, with the result that the elements of the list became north on the internet and on social media. At the same time, the comments caught fire. And all this, although many RDPs claim that they have nothing to do with the items included in the list, while some others claimed that they have already settled their loans.


The Parliament posted the Giorkatzi List Giovanni Group: The loans listed in the list Giorkatzi Pamporidis are normally serviced for a list: Clear sky, controls are not afraid

Former Governor Chrystalla Giorkatzi used the official definition of RDPs, which is why the list includes the names of former and current ministers, MPs, mayors, mayors, as well as municipal and community councilors.

Despite the gaps and chaos that prevails in the list of Giorkatzis, according to the analysis carried out by “F”, it seems that some cases of first-class politicians did not give even a penny for their loans for years, with the result that they doubled and sometimes tripled. In addition to the names of the 14 MPs and the Minister of Transport Giannis Karousos who saw the light of day last July and the Ambassador of Cyprus to Greece Kyriakos Kenevezos, who claimed that they either have nothing to do with non-performing loans, or have settled the their normal repayment, in red are shown the loans and other policies.

Some of the cases

Among other things, the following can be found in relation to loans received by legal entities related to RDP:

w The current minister, who is related to a company, allegedly had in 2018 red loans amounting to € 1.7 million.

w Acting MP allegedly had, in 2018, 15 non-performing loans in excess of € 3.6 million. These are personal and professional loans.

w Another incumbent minister had in 2018, according to the list, MES just € 150.

w A government official, along with his wife, allegedly had red loans of € 2.8 million related to business activities.

w Another state official had a NIS of € 1 million.

w Commissioner allegedly did not service loans amounting to € 6 thousand.

w A former minister, who participated in a land development company, allegedly had red loans of € 407 thousand, while when he received the loans it was € 297,500. It is worth noting that he received the loan in 2011, when he was 61 years old.

w The son of a former minister, who is the director of a company, had an NPL of € 1.4 million. The initial amount of his loans was € 372 thousand.

w Member of Parliament now members of her family have more than 15 loans amounting to € 2 million.

w Another MP had loans of € 922 thousand that are not being serviced.

w Former MP owner of a land development company had red loans of € 5.8 million. One of the loans he received was € 650 thousand without having paid at least one installment.

w The MES of a former MP who had served in the local government was € 1 million. What is impressive is the fact that the remaining two of his loans were € 814,566., while the initial amount of the loan was € 347 thousand.

w A total of 21 non-performing loans, amounting to € 2 million, were allegedly held by another former Member of Parliament.

w The wife of a current MP, who is active in real estate, allegedly had loans that she did not serve, amounting to € 137 thousand.

In the red and many local government officials

Elected mayors are also loaded with red loans. Specifically, a well-known mayor is reported from the list officially published by the Parliament to have, in 2018, 35 MES, totaling € 14.7 million. Another mayor, who held another position, had 13 red loans, amounting to € 4.6 million. In fact, some do not have collateral. At the same time, the incumbent mayor had, according to the list, red loans of € 553 thousand, while another colleague has a NIS of € 97 thousand.

The list also includes municipal councilors. There is a case of a relative with PEP who has 160 business loans, which were not serviced, amounting to € 4.5 million. The majority of NPLs concern small amounts, which indicates that these are various facilities, such as current accounts and credit cards. Another municipal councilor has a median of € 590 thousand. According to the list, the chairman of the board of directors of a semi-state had a median of € 2.8 million. later, the non-performing loan was reported to have been € 202 thousand. , which did not serve, resulting in € 11.24. And it's on the list. The total loans granted by Bank of Cyprus and Elliniki to legal entities associated with RDP is said to have been, in 2018, € 180 million.

Explanations from former and current officials

Former state officials also gave their own version of the reason why their names were included in the Giorkatzi list yesterday. Several others had given explanations in the past. Energy Minister Natasa Pileidou claimed that she never had and still does not have non-performing loans, noting at the same time that the company included in the list belonged to her late grandfather, who had transferred a number of shares to her.

For her part, the chairwoman of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Dimitra Kalogirou, claimed that her family loans were serviced during that period. Former Minister of Health George Pamporidis said that clear skies are not afraid of lightning or controls. As he claimed, the company's loan never became non-performing. On the other hand, the representative of the Maronites in the Parliament, Giannakis Mousas, noted that he has no non-performing loan and his name is wrongly, unjustly and incorrectly on this list. Concluding, Mr. Moussas states that he reserves all his legal rights.

Source: www.philenews.com

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