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Giovanni Group: The loans listed in Giorkatzi are normally serviced

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Giovanni Group: The loans listed in Giorkatzi are normally serviced

For what is recorded in the list of Giorkatziis, the Giovanni Group was placed in a written announcement.


“In order to restore the real image and having in mind the publications concerning the borrowing of the Group, we would like to state the following:

The Group's lending is normally serviced based on the provisions of the loan agreements it has signed with the cooperating commercial banks.

We would like to mention in detail that regarding Bank of Cyprus, the Group maintains three loans of € 4 million today which are repaid normally without any delays.

In Hellenic Bank the Group maintained a loan which was repaid in full in September 2020.

The Group also serves loans of the company NAPΑLAND ESTATES LIMITED which is a consortium with another manufacturer. This loan is maintained with a credit facility acquisition company, after the sale of this loan by the Bank of Cyprus. The Giovanni Group has undertaken with a written agreement the repayment of its debt, of the order of € 1.6 million.

Based on the above, we would like to mention that the Giovanni Group aims to continue to meet its loan obligations with full consistency. In no case was the group treated favorably and we emphasize that the list as such is based on elements which not only do not apply but mislead the public from the real issue which should be the possible preferential treatment of politically exposed persons or possible deletions.

The Group has been active in the province of Famagusta in the construction sector since 1986. Today it employs more than 200 employees and cooperates with more than 450 professionals, actively contributing to the development of the province of Famagusta and the construction sector in Cyprus “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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