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Global dimensions of the issue of Ukraine

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By Alexia Cafetzis

With the involvement of Interpol and Europol, investigations continue into the actions of the Ukrainian who was going back and forth to Cyprus transferring millions of euros. According to the police press representative Christos Andreou, the 31-year-old Ukrainian woman traveled to Cyprus through a third European country and in six months brought six million euros to Cyprus.

Mr. Andreou explained speaking to RIK that “There are many data to be examined. There are many inaccuracies in her reports, we are at the stage of investigation.” He also mentioned that the authorities are looking at the data so far, the movements of the 31-year-old woman and what she has claimed.

The Police are investigating all possibilities, including even the international money laundering ring, he added.

But despite the statements and clarifications of the Police, there are still many gaps and questions that the public is discussing. The questions are growing as statements from other authorities complicate matters further. For example, from the customs point of view, it was clarified several times that every time the Ukrainian arrived in Cyprus with the money, the Police were immediately informed. He did not say for sure how many times he arrived in Cyprus or whether other foreigners had carried such large sums. He also claimed that the Ukrainian woman was being watched by the police and that the case broke down when the Ukrainian woman herself reported to the police the attack and the theft of the bag with the 450 thousand euros from the two people who were on board. motorcycle rider just got off a taxi in Limassol.< /p>

The questions that easily arise are among others:

-If the Ukrainian was under surveillance, would the police not have seen the alleged attack and theft?

-If the Ukraine was under surveillance by the Police and MOKAS, wouldn't they know where the millions she transferred to Cyprus in the last six months went?

These and other questions concern the citizens who demand clear answers. The police, MOKAS and Customs must stop invoking the stereotype that “investigations are continuing”. The Ukrainian case once again brings to the surface the issue of incompetence and unreliability of the competent authorities.



Source: 24h.com.cy

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