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Glyfada: My father never hurt anyone, says the captain's daughter who was shot by the foreman

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Γλυφαδα: Ο πατ Ερας μου δεν πεΙραξε ποτΕ κανΕναν, λΕει η κόρη του καπετανιου που Επεσ ε απo τα πυρa του επιστaτη

“It is indescribable what we are going through without there being a health reason”, says his daughter Ilias Koukoulari.

Panhellenic is still in shock from what happened yesterday with the 76-year-old Egyptian barging into a shipping company in Glyfada and shooting the shipowner Maria Karnesi, the CEO of the shipping company in Glyfada, Antonis Vlassakis and the captain Ilias Hooded.

The latter had stopped traveling as a captain due to age and had taken up a position in the company's accounting department. When “Ares” found himself facing Maria Karnesi and raised his gun against her, the former captain approached the Egyptian to calm him down, but he shot him in the shoulder and the old man died.

The daughter of the former captain states that she is shocked by what happened and that she cannot believe the tragedy she is experiencing “without any health reasons”, as she notes.

In particular, the daughter of Ilias Koukoularis said on ANT1's Breakfast, “we are shocked. What happened cannot be conceived by the human mind. He was a friendly man. But humans have become worse than animals. We kill everything in front of us. The point is why we have been there. My father has never touched a mosquito. We are in a miserable state, we cannot speak. Society and the state must look at this issue, it has gotten out of hand. We don't know what to do now. We must cry for our man, our father. He was an adorable person that there are no words to describe him. It is indescribable what we go through without a health reason. In good times something like this happens”.

As it became known, the murderer and self-made Egyptian worked as a caretaker of the houses of the Karnesi family for decades and was a person of their trust.

As it seems, the perpetrator had been granted by the Karnesi family a house in Glyfada, to live in when he came to Athens. However, as Maria and Despina Karnesi had probably not clarified the ownership issues with their brother, Spyros, they asked “Aris” to collect his things from the house they had granted him in Glyfada and leave.

According to the same information, the Egyptian “went crazy”, took a carbine and a revolver (it remains unknown, for the time being, how and where he found the weapons) and broke into the shipping terminal on Monday morning, determined to kill specific persons: Maria Karnesi and her son-in-law, Antonis Vlassakis, who indeed fell dead, shortly after, from his bullets. Shortly after, he was found dead by his own hand in the basement of the building, while no note has been found so far.

“He cared for them very much, he was their man”

The Egyptian was the man of the family, as confirmed to Mega by the president of the community of Marmaris Nicolaos Tsalagos.

“”Over 30 years, 35, 40. He was on the island of Karnesi as a caretaker. He looked after the island, he was the captain, the crew took care that they were doing work on the island, he took care of the houses. He's always lived here in the area, he's always been here,” she said, unable to believe what had happened.

“He lived in the Petalios and I wonder why he was, that is, with the bosses, he was always very good to each other, he loved them, he treated them. How this happened I don't understand. I am very impressed that this man killed these people. Everything, he went out, he came in, he paid, everything, uncontrolled, they didn't check him. He was going to them. They used to come to Marmari by boat and he would pick them up by fast boat and take them to Petaliou. He took care of them a lot, he was a person, their person,” he said.

According to Mr. Tsalagos, he was a peaceful person, who did not raise objections and performed all the tasks assigned to him. “Good man, calm, quiet. Whoever asked him for help, he helped. He was a very calm person,” he added.

“I came to settle scores”

The 76-year-old was determined to kill and be killed when, holding a rifle, he began to take lives.

Γλυφαδα: Ο πατρα ;ς μου δεν πεΙραξε ποτΕ κανΕναν, λΕ&epsilon ;ι η κoρη του καπετανιου που Επεσε &alpha

Maria Karnesi, sister of the wife of Antonis Vlasakis

According to information, shortly before opening fire, the attacker allegedly said to the company's executives that “I came to settle accounts“.

Γλυφαδα: Ο πατρα ;ς μου δεν πεΙραξε ποτΕ κανΕναν, λΕ&epsilon ;ι η κoρη του καπετανιου που Επεσε &alpha

The managing director of the shipping company, Antonis Vlassakis

He arrived at the business shortly after 10.00am yesterday in a silver Nissan X-trail and, according to reports, told the security guard, in a calm tone, that he had come to clear some outstanding matters. He parked the vehicle in the basement and, via the stairwell, went up to the first floor where he was in front of his victims. There the fight took place and the Egyptian returned to the basement, took his rifle and took three lives. Then he ended his own life.

Γλυφαδα: Ο πατρα ;ς μου δεν πεΙραξε ποτΕ κανΕναν, λΕ&epsilon ;ι η κoρη του καπετανιου που Επεσε &alpha

The former captain and employee at the accounting office of the company Elias Koukoularis

Information states that Maria Karnesi was shot in the head and chest, her son-in-law on the head and the captain on the shoulder.

Two employees of the company were transported to the General Hospital “Asklipieio Voulas”, in order to provide them with first aid, as they were in a bad psychological state.

source: Proto Thema

Source: 24h.com.cy

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