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Glyka Nera: A breath from one of the perpetrators of the murder – The suspects in the crosshairs

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Glyka Nera: A breath from one of the perpetrators of the murder - The suspects in the crosshairs

The perpetrators of the horrific murder of 20-year-old Caroline in front of her 11-month-old baby and her handcuffed husband who shocked the nation in Glyka Nera, have not left behind DNA traces and their escape car has not yet been located, however competent officers of EL.AS. who have taken over the case, leave room for optimism for its clarification.

By uniting the pieces of the puzzle by processing the important elements they already have in their hands, they try to unravel the tangle of the mysterious case, shedding light on its shadowy aspects. In fact, the evidence that has come to light in recent hours is particularly important.

The officers of EL.AS. who have undertaken the investigation of the case are said to have identified one of the perpetrators in 80% with the help of the description of her husband.

The 32-year-old pilot also saw 150 photos of marked criminals who have committed robberies of similar brutality, while the circle of suspects has been closed to 10 people, one of which has the characteristics of his description.

Recognize the language

According to ANT1, he also allegedly recognized the language spoken by the “tough” criminals, who are most likely of Albanian descent.

At the same time, in the forensic laboratories of EL.AS. examined a shoe print belonging to one of the perpetrators and found in the house where Caroline was murdered.

Corresponding robbery

In an effort to locate the perpetrators, police are also “searching” for similarly brutal robberies in the past, using a similar methodology.

Among them is the house of the trainer of the 32-year-old pilot in Alepochori.

The two men even found common features of the perpetrators, especially in the leader.

He was around 1.70 tall, stocky with a short neck, round face and honey eyes. He also spoke good Greek, but also mentioned Albanian words. Finally, as in Glyka Nera, the three perpetrators were about 35 years old and left no fingerprints or DNA traces.

The trainer also does not consider it a coincidence that both he and Caroline's husband were active at Megara Airport.

“It simply came to our notice then. With the difference that they entered me holding gloves, while they went to Babi with pistols. And this exacerbates the fact that it is the same because I came to grips with them. I almost took his two accomplices out of the house while the leader, who must be very brazen, had attacked my wife as he attacked Caroline and then, after neutralizing her, he came from behind me and hit me in the head with multiple blows he neutralized me and I fell unconscious, “he said.

For his part, his wife, who was treated for serious injuries after the robbery, said: “By neutralizing the two, the leader gives one to my husband with the bat, so the bleeding starts and they run. He loses consciousness at that time. Seeing the blood, the leader climbs on the couch, gives me one, throws me down and starts hitting me. When I see my husband, I make sure to get up, I say “they killed him now!”. I was thrown here unconscious. Here I hear the voice of the leader saying “George kill her” and he kicks me in the ribs “.

Source: politis.com.cy

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