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Glyka Nera: A pilot colleague was robbed in the same way

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Glyka Nera: They had robbed a colleague of the pilot in the same way

An identical robbery with the crime in Glyka Nera and the victim, a colleague of the pilot and his wife, was published by the show “Light in the Tunnel”.

The show presented a new video-documentary from a security camera for the dark car, which moved suspiciously in the area of the robbery, before and after the murder of 20-year-old Caroline in Glyka Nera in the early hours of Tuesday, May 11th.

The owner has not been identified by the authorities and this new video is considered important for the investigation. The driver of the dark car avoids Attiki Odos with the security cameras and speeds away to Stavros of Agia Paraskevi through Lavriou Avenue, according to anikolouli.gr.

The revelation of the pilot and trainer of the unfortunate Caroline's husband caused a special sensation. The experienced civil aviation instructor and his wife were the victims of a wild robbery in their luxurious house in Alepochori, Megaron.

The way the three criminals acted was carbon with that of the robbers in Glyka Nera. Shocked, the two friends and pilots found common ground in the description, especially of the leader. He was around 1.70, stocky, with a short neck and a round face. His eyes were honey, he spoke good Greek, but he also mentioned Albanian words.

All three perpetrators of the two robberies were about 35 years old. They left no traces of DNA and fingerprints in both houses. The trainer does not consider it a coincidence that both he and Babylon, Caroline's husband, were active at Megara airport…


“The leader attacked my wife as well as Caroline. They closed her nose and mouth and shouted “kill the old woman …… She lives by a miracle. He told me “our job is to rob and kill”, he said shocked.

“Maybe the information about the money left Megaron airport. I have known Babis for many years, almost since he finished high school. “He had received an amateur degree in helicopters and I trained him for the professional”, he concluded.

“THEY WERE persistently asking for the MONEY”

The victim of this brutal robbery, which was committed in Alepochori on the night of July 17, 2018, was also mentioned in the observatory that the perpetrators had. They were hiding in a neighboring cottage and watching the couple's movements.

“They knew when we would close the shutters. They came from the right and moved to invisible places in the dark. After they took the 1100 euros from my pants, they asked for more money. They left when they found the jewelry. They abused the dog to immobilize it. “My wife and I saw two hundred and fifty tagged photos, like Babis, but we did not recognize anyone,” he told the Tunnel camera.

The testimony of his wife, who was seriously injured by the attack of the three unscrupulous robbers, is terrifying.

She did not hesitate to pull the leader's mask and see his face. This courageous move infuriated the leader, who shouted:


“I started shouting and calling for help. They shut my mouth, threw me under the couch and dragged me for twelve meters. There they beat me with kicks to the body and face. At the same time, the leader shouted at one of the gang: “George killed her, he killed her.” “I spent twenty-two days in the KAT seriously injured,” he said, trembling.

“I would have died of bleeding if my husband, who managed to break free, did not save me. “After the attack, we move with an alarm button on the neck”, he concluded.

Source: politis.com.cy

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