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Gold for Edouardo Charalambous at the Pan-Cypriot Special Olympics Swimming Championship (pics)

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    Χ&rho γινεορδαλμο στγκοΠρτλμαειι κλυμπιαγνωμβσσ (pics)

    Pan Cypriot Special Olympics Swimming Championship – Field of glory for Edouardo Charalambous

    The Pan Cypriot Special Olympics Swimming ChampionshipEduardo's field of glory emerged for the second consecutive year.

    Today April 15, 2024 and with amazing performances, he won the gold medal in the 25m and 50m freestyle, proving his incredible skill and dedication to sports.< /p>

    Χρυσγια τον Ε&delta ;ορδολμοσπαγκπ&iota ;ορωτθλειιολυμπικo&nu ; γνωνκλμβσσ (pics)

    Eduardos Charalambous, also known as Eddie, won the title of champion for the second year in a row, a fact that fills everyone with pride and joy.

    “His dedication and his constant push to push his limits make his family and us partners at APIS (Autism Praxis Infinity Solutions-NonProfit) proud. Congratulations also to your coach Dimitris Charalambous. Now, we look forward to seeing him represent Cyprus and win even more accolades at the Special Olympics World Games” reads a press release issued.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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