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Golgotha and after Easter

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Golgotha and after Easter

If the new attempt on the Cyprus issue fails, then Turkey will move on to new accomplishments, London said, using tools of pressure on Nicosia. As we are informed in this regard, these warnings are also connected with the British narrative that in order to facilitate the discussions, Nicosia should make openings accepting with a statement – if possible before the informal Pentamer – “political equality”.

It is noted that the proposal was presented to Nicosia, but was not accepted. The next step is to be indicated by the Foreign Office that if the talks lead to a deadlock, then Turkey will return the drilling rigs to the Cypriot EEZ and will take further steps to open the enclosed area of occupied Famagusta. It is clear that the big game will not be in the informal Pentameri but in the regular, official one, which is expected to be convened in mid-June. Then the renewal of the mandate of UNFICYP will be discussed. The bubble for non-renewal will be recruited again, with the aim this time of trying to be more convincing.


No ultimatum from the UN President Anastasiadis Michel briefed the 27 on the Pentamer : The EU has a positive role in the Pentamer

In the background, however, the moves continue in order to place the bridging ideas, which were formed in the British Foreign Office. London believes that the extreme positions of the Turks for two states will lead, as a “compromise” in their own formula, to a “relaxed solution”, which refers to a confederation. It is noted that last week, the Deputy Political Director of the Foreign Office, Ajay Sharma, went to Ankara to analyze the bridging proposals in London. At the same time, Secretary-General's envoy Jane Hall Luth, who is expected in Cyprus this week (March 7-9), will visit immediately after Athens, while her trip to Ankara, which is expected to be scheduled for later, has not been arranged. . It is noted that despite the efforts of the UN to hold meetings of those involved in Cyprus before the informal Pentamer, this has not been achieved so far. The mandate given by Ankara to the occupying regime is to avoid meetings without its own presence. This has to do with the fact that Tatar is unaware of the issues and constantly makes mistakes. Ms. Lut will try again to organize a meeting between Anastasiadis and Tatar.


Source: www.philenews.com

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