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Good sleep “nourishes” our immune system!

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Sleep and a strong immune system are interrelated concepts! Especially at this time, it is important to look for ways to strengthen our body against seasonal viruses. The goal is to have a strong immune system that can withstand adversity! Important allies in our effort to strengthen our immune system are diet, exercise (mild but systematic) and quality sleep.

Proper nutrition is proven to strengthen our immune system . A diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, high quality protein and more. gives impetus to our body to cope with its daily obligations.
Proper nutrition, however, in addition to strengthening our immune system, also contributes to the better quality of our sleep.
Small and frequent meals during the day, a dietary pattern recommended by many nutritionists, strengthen our immune system, and improve our nights! How; Avoiding the burden of our body from the large portions we consume when we are very hungry!
In addition, by including in our diet dairy products, eggs, whole grain products, sesame, etc., we will also get closer to our goal.
Similarly, there are foods that can cause insomnia and disrupt our nights. Excessive caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, heavy meals late at night, can be considered responsible for our. Twists in bed. In addition, they are factors that weaken our immune system.

“Nourishes” the immune system…

And since we saw how diet strengthens our immune system and our quality sleep, let's see how the latter is related to our good health.

It seems that, indeed, it plays an important role in the proper functioning of our immune system and the readiness of our body.

Experts say that people who do not get enough sleep are more vulnerable to viruses. In addition, its lack is related to how quickly an organism can recover after a period of illness.

How does the immune system help?

When we sleep, our body produces and secretes a type of protein, the cytokines, whose “task” is to fight possible infections and inflammation. In fact, when infection or inflammation occurs, or even during times of stress, cytokines need to be increased in order to elicit an immune response.

However, when we do not get enough sleep, there is a decrease in the production of these proteins, and with it a decrease in the antibodies that fight infections.

Therefore, the above mechanism is directly related to the readiness or not of our immune system, in terms of its effort to fight infections.

We get enough sleep to be healthy

Although how many hours of bedtime you need each day is a “personal” matter, there seems to be a general rule in order to keep our immune system ρμα in shape! It is therefore necessary for adults to enjoy 7-8 hours, for teenagers 9-10 and for school-age children it would not be bad to rest even more than 10 hours.

As for adults, if they do not get enough sleep at night and if daily life allows it, experts recommend 1-2 short siestas during the day (up to 30 minutes), in order to compensate for the negative effects of insomnia on our body. .

It is worth noting, of course, that the more we sleep does not automatically mean that we increase accordingly the chances of not getting sick. However, if we neglect to give our body the basic rest, it is possible to negatively affect our immune system and become vulnerable to a cold, flu or other viruses.

What other consequences does its lack have?

Its lack, in the long run, may increase the risk for other health problems, while it is likely to worsen existing ones. Health problems associated with chronic insomnia can include obesity, hypertension, and depression.

Especially with regard to hypertension, it seems that insomnia affects the body's ability to regulate stress hormones, which can affect blood pressure. In addition, it can lead to an unhealthy diet and, in the long run, in combination with other aggravating factors, to obesity.

In summary, good sleep has many benefits. Its main benefit is its help to our immune system so that it is able to deal with any “threat”.

But if achieving it is an elusive dream for us, it is necessary to ask for the help of nature!

One of our allies for insomnia is Valetonina®. Valetonina® combines Melatonin, the natural hormone produced by our body that determines the sleep-wake cycle, and Valerian, a plant known since antiquity for its calming and anxiolytic properties. With this clever design, it overcomes insomnia in a natural way!

We eat well, exercise often, get enough sleep and have a strong immune system that takes care of our protection from “external enemies”!

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