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Government announcements war – AKEL for pandemic

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Government announcements war - AKEL for pandemic

The rivalry between the Government and AKEL continues for the second consecutive day on the occasion of the pandemic.

Initially in a written statement, the District Secretary of AKEL in Larnaca, Christos Christofidis stated that “yesterday's statements of the head of the epidemiological team Mr. Tsioutis prove once again that the government's decisions regarding measures to deal with the pandemic are more rather than relying on scientific data. That is why many measures are contradictory, without logic and without being based on the principle of proportionality, with the result that the negative effects on health, the economy and society are magnified “.

At the same time, he noted that “Mr. Tsioutis's emphasis on the fact that the scientific team proposed more relaxation taking into account the mental health of the people and the social consequences proves what we have been saying for a long time: that the decisions of the rulers are political and serve expediencies. . “These political decisions obviously include the attempt to limit the democratic functioning and to silence any act of protest.”

“The implications, for example, of the decision to take private lessons in gyms, dance schools, conservatories and tutoring centers are at least incomprehensible. “It is these contradictory decisions of the rulers which were based on expediencies in several cases that exacerbated the second wave of the pandemic and worsened the situation.”

In a response statement, the Director of the Press Office of the President of the Republic, Viktoras Papadopoulos, pointed out that “AKEL either does not understand what exactly is happening with the pandemic all over the world, and of course in Cyprus, or the needs of its election campaign are over of the sympathy that should exist in the fight against the pandemic “.

He also stated that “only last Wednesday, the General Secretary of AKEL had the opportunity to listen to the epidemiologists and ask his questions, which were fully answered by the scientists and the Minister of Health. “Unfortunately, AKEL, as at the beginning of the pandemic in the case of the control of roadblocks, does not avoid the path of populism”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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