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Government of wider acceptance

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Government of wider acceptance

Frixos Dalitis

The degree of response to participation in a government formation more widely accepted by the political forces, will determine the degree of the extent of the reorganization that President Anastasiadis will carry out.

From next week, the party leaders are expected to start climbing to the hill of the Presidential Palace, in the context of the contacts that Nikos Anastasiadis is starting in view of the upcoming reshuffle. The scenario, as reported by information from the President, remains fluid as to the lines on which the President will move regarding the changes he intends to make in the government.

The catalytic factor will be the degree of response of the political forces to the call addressed to them by President Anastasiadis. He clarified yesterday that the goal is not the participation of party officials in the Government but the composition of a Government which will be more widely accepted. He also explained that the co-operation effort is aimed at exploiting the Recovery and Resilience Plan and not at sharing power. However, it is obvious that the new Council of Ministers will be grafted with people beyond the Democratic Alarm and therefore it will depend on how many and which ministers will be reorganized.

Speaking to reporters at the Presidential Palace yesterday, the President of the Republic, called to refer to the information on the reshuffle of the Government, said that “I have said on the night of the elections that immediately after the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, I consider it my duty , to call on the leaders of the parliamentary parties, in order to explore the possibility of a more widely accepted Government, so that the goal is not the sharing of power and positions, but to see how we can work together to find convergences so that the Recovery and Resilience Plan achieves concerning the young, the Cyprus of tomorrow, the new generation “.

Asked in which ministries there will be new people, President Anastasiadis said that “when and if I decide, I will announce it”.

In a journalist remark that based on public statements, the major opposition parties do not seem willing to contribute to an enlarged government, the President of the Republic said that “the goal is not to involve party officials from any faction. The goal is to create a more widely accepted Government

AKEL and DIKO are excluded from the equation of such a Government, as they would not want to participate in a government formation under Nikos Anastasiadis. It will be very difficult for EDEK and the Ecologists to participate, while in fact neither ELAM will participate. As far as the Democratic Party is concerned, the scenario is not clear.

However, the scenarios continue regarding who is likely to stay and who will leave the Council of Ministers, however nothing has been finalized. Certainly, there will be a change of baton at the Ministry of Health, since Konstantinos Ioannou, as the information states, is leaving. The Deputy Minister of Welfare will also be a new person in the Ministry. A new Volunteer Commissioner will also be appointed after the resignation of Giannakis. It is also reminded that we will have the appointment of the new boards of directors of the Semi-Governmental Organizations as well as the new members of EDI.

Government sources noted the fact that the non-participation of some parties in a widely accepted Government does not mean non-cooperation in Parliament in the critical bills for the forthcoming reforms.

DISY: Consent is required

What is needed today is the consensus and conciliation of the political forces. The President of the Republic wants to do this in an effort to form a government of wider acceptance, said the spokesman of DISY, Dimitris Dimitriou, on the issue of forming a government of wider acceptance.

As he characteristically stated, addressing the other political forces is how, “what unites us is much more than what divides us. We have before us the plan for tomorrow's Cyprus “.

Concluding, Dimitris Dimitriou noted that “our fellow citizens, especially the new generation that is watching us with concern, expect us to proceed with the implementation. And we have to do it. “

Source: www.philenews.com

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