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Government Spokesman: The Police should not exceed the limits, nor should they be treated levelly

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Government Spokesman: The Police should not exceed the limits, nor should they be treated levelly

The government is of the opinion that those who encourage or participate in rallies, such as last Saturday, are violating the relevant decree and should take responsibility if any issues of burden on the epidemiological image arise, said the Government Spokesman. “The firm principle of the Government is that the Police must perform its duties in accordance with the law and regulations and should not exceed the limits of its authority.”

Mr. Kousios pointed out that “there should be no disproportionate treatment of cases of violence that occur” and that “the police should always act with respect for the citizen”, emphasizing at the same time that the leveling negative treatment of the police is not something that satisfies”.

“We must all realize that the police are there to protect the citizen and his rights. In order for this to happen, the citizen and all of us must protect the police. Clearly, I am not referring to the infinitesimal exceptions that arise in matters of excess of power or excessive treatment or disproportionate treatment. “But let us not get to the point where the right police officers will be forced not to perform their duties for fear that in the end they will be found and accused”, said Mr. Kousios.

He added that “the prestige of the Police must be preserved and our proper police officers must be preserved as the apple of their eye in order to be able to protect the citizen in turn”.

Asked if there is a possibility of political motives behind such events, Mr. Kousios said he wants to believe that the political parties in Cyprus understand the urgency of the situation. He added that “while I can perceive some positions, others I can not perceive them from a particular party, at least,” he said.

The Representative also noted that “when we reach the point where we see rallies, which with the diversions that occur unfortunately pose a risk to the health of our fellow citizens, with the risk of transmission and increase of cases, but at the same time with possible property damage or “When we have cases in which the physical integrity of any of our fellow citizens is endangered, I think we have to deal with this much more maturely and much more realistically,” he said.

He pointed out that given that the epidemiological picture is evolving positively, any events could be postponed for later.

He also noted that political parties have postponed their rallies and congresses due to the situation. “On the one hand, we can not have political parties postpone their rallies and gatherings or their congresses, and on the other hand, we can have protests in rallies, which unfortunately allow people who do not have peaceful purposes but take advantage of such “gatherings to create episodes,” he said.

I believe, he added, that “such situations are not desirable and there should be a solidarity and mutual understanding between the political forces and the Government in order to be able to better manage the pandemic.”

Answering another question, Mr. Kousios said that the President of the Republic has convened a meeting of the Council of Leaders for the coming Wednesday, in the presence of epidemiologists, to discuss the whole spectrum concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

“All issues will be thoroughly discussed, the political leaders will be informed about the views of the epidemiological team, the evaluation of the epidemiological picture, the recommendations of the epidemiologists, they will exchange views and on Thursday the Council of Ministers will meet to discuss the issue for policy decisions, “he said.

He added that “similar policy decisions will be taken in accordance with the scientific approach of epidemiologists and taking into account in addition to health issues and other parameters.”

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Kousios said that “the Government clearly states that it respects the constitutional and democratic rights of every citizen, noting that” during the presidency of Nikos Anastasiadis there has never been a case of questioning of such rights by citizens. “, while in many cases there has been a violation by others of the President of the Republic himself or even of the Government or officials”.

Mr. Kousios pointed out that the pandemic, which we face not only us, but all countries requires the taking of some measures to protect the health of our people, noting that the protection of health, the supreme good, is the first parameter that must be taken into account when making some decisions.

“Unfortunately we had the second wave of the pandemic, the mutation of the virus, we had reached the point of detecting 900 so many cases a day and some measures had to be taken, because the effects of the epidemiological picture and the state of health of our people have a chain effect or that “It is called the need for medical care, pressure on the health system, deaths of our fellow citizens”, he pointed out.

He added that “all this must be taken into account and taken into account in the decisions taken. Let's not forget the financial problems created by the pandemic. “The restrictive measures have affected the daily life but also the economy and the sociality of each of the citizens”, he stated.

Mr. Kousios underlined that we all want to reach normalcy, noting, however, that we must be very careful.

He said that Cyprus is receiving praise for the way the pandemic is being managed internationally. “We are the fifth country internationally in coronavirus management results. We are the first country in Europe in the number of exams. “We are one of the first countries with a positive sign in terms of the reduced number of deaths,” he said.

“Aren't all these reasons that there is an understanding and a composure in view of the vaccinations that are being done, in view of the development in the epidemiological picture that will surely lead, if it continues like this, to further relaxations?” He said.

Responding to the unconstitutional decisions, Mr. Kousios said that there is a clear provision in the Constitution and in article 21 of the Constitution “which clearly protects the right to assemble peacefully and is something that no one disputes. But at the same time “, he added,” in paragraph 3 of the same article of the Constitution it is explicitly mentioned that there is a restriction, among other things, for reasons of public health “.

Mr. Kousios said that “if there was no possibility of restricting some of these rights, we would be in a very difficult position as a country to deal with the pandemic.”

Asked about the opposition's criticisms against the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Emilys Giolitis, on the occasion of last Saturday's events, Mr. Kousios said that he does not think that the Minister of Justice needs a defense from the Government Spokesman.

He also reminded that Ms. Gioliti made a statement after the incidents and is able to respond to any criticism.

Source: KYPE

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