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Government Spokesperson: The procedures for Amalthea continue normally in Larnaca

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ΚυβερνητικσΕ κπρσωποσ: Συνεχiζονται κανον&iota ;κτηλκαδικσσι α Αμαλθεια

Procedures regarding the Amalthea project continue as normal with all involved partnersin Larnaca, the Government Spokesman, Konstantinos Letympiotis, told KYPE, regarding the suspension of work at the dock built by the US military for the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Questioned by KYPE regarding the work stoppage after the floating dock was damaged by rough seas, Mr. Letympiotis said, the US is making all necessary repairs and reassembly will take about a week. p>

On the part of the Republic of Cyprus, he added, the procedures concerning the Amalthia project in Larnaca, and specifically, inspection, loading and transitioneither to a safe temporary storage or on a floating vessel or warehouse ship outside of Gaza.

In addition, the Pentagon announced that US Army engineers are working to reassemble the dock and estimate that it will be able to be put back into place up and running in about a week.

Source: www.philenews.com

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