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Graduates Bootcamp: Make the best professional start

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Graduates Bootcamp: Κανε το καλyτ ερο επαγγελματικξεκνημα /></p>
<p>The Future Skills Hub of the European University of Cyprus is organizing for the second consecutive year the Graduates Bootcamp on <strong>April 16 and 17, 2024</strong>, for university students and graduates, with the Youth Organization as co-organizers Cyprus and Astrobank!</p>
<p>A different two-day workshop, with practical and interesting talks, which is specially designed for new university graduates and aims to equip them with the most suitable tools for their job search, for the best possible start!</p>
<p>In these two days young people will have the opportunity to:</p>
<li>Learn about the skills and professions that are in demand now and in the future</li>
<li>Talk to company representatives and learn for available jobs</li>
<li>Participate in interactive workshops to create a comprehensive and attractive CV</li>
<li>Understand the importance of a proper LinkedIn professional profile</li>
<li>Know what are the future trends in their field of study</li >
<li>Get exposure to professions related to their field of study that are on the rise and in constant demand</li>
<li>Get the best career start through funding opportunities for young people!</li>
<p>During the two-day workshop, participants will have the opportunity to meet and talk with experienced business executives, entrepreneurs and HR Managers, opening valuable doors for them to start their careers. Also, HR Managers will give valuable advice to participants on how to properly prepare for the start of their professional career and will have the opportunity to take part in a mock interview.</p>
<p>If you are in your final year of university (undergraduate or graduate) or have graduated from university within the last 1-2 years, apply now for free membership here: https://forms.office.com /e/3N66BE7NCh</p>
<p>Many rich gifts await the participants as well as plenty of food and drink!</p>
<p>For more information and to see the detailed Bootcamp program click <strong>here</strong>!</p>
<p>The workshop is offered completely free of charge to the youth of Cyprus, thanks to the financial contribution of the co-organizers and sponsors of the event. A big thank you to all the organizations that supported the Bootcamp in-hand.</p>
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