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Grandson Denktash shareholder in the new airline in the occupied territories

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The new airline named Flykhy – Kıbrıs Hava Yolları (KİH- Cyprus Airlines), which will start flights from the occupied territories on April 16, has as its shareholders Nusret Polat, Rauf Denktash and Mehmet Yucel and, in the first phase, plans 4 routes a week between Turkey and a pseudo-state.

According to the GTP, Kypris is referring to the issue today and writes that a press conference for the company's presentation will take place on March 13.

It is recalled that the "Minister of Transport and Works", Erhan Arikli, said yesterday that "KIH" will use the rights of the Freebird airline and thus is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Turkish company regretted the "national carrier"

Besides, its columnist Cypriot resident Levent Ozdam writes that the company from Antalya that was to establish the "new national carrier" seems to have regretted. of the pseudo-state and what he wants is to make an investment in the tourism sector in the occupied territories and not to establish an airline.

Noting that the matter of building a marina in occupied Lapithos has not yet been closed, the columnist mentions that people come and go and hold meetings with the "municipality" Karava and Lapithou.  "This company is putting a lot of pressure on our politicians to invest with a marina and a hotel in Famagusta as well, not just in Lapithos".

Ozdam noted that he had a conversation with the young businessman Rauf Denktash, who confirmed the news about the new airline. "They agreed, he says, with an international company from Turkey to establish a new airline and all the procedures have been completed! Today or tomorrow the first official statement will be made with a press release, he said.

That is, he added, "it is not a national [airline carrier] and the like! It is a company founded entirely with private company funds, the state has absolutely nothing to do with it. They will start with a plane! Then, if there is interest, the number of planes will increase towards the summer season.

In the meantime, the online Ozgyur gazette writes that the head of the New Cyprus Party (KNK), Murat Kanatli, stated that the Erhan Arikli advertised a tourism company based in Izmir, founded in 1996.

According to research conducted by Mr. Kanatli, a company called Tursem had gone bankrupt in the past and caused many victims, saying that if this is the same company that Mr. Arikli referred to, it means that this story is now bankrupt.

He also researched, he added, the name Cyprusstar that is in the announcements and found that this name exists on the Pandora website and is a money laundering company based in Hong Kong. According to all this, he concluded, the company announced by Erhan Arikli cannot be domestic and he called it an imitation. 

Source: KYPE


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