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Grant Thornton Cyprus announces a new service: The AI ​​and Data Lab

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Η Grant Thornton Κύπρου ανακο ινоνει νΕα υπηρεσΙα: Το AI and Data Lab

Grant Thornton Cyprus is in a position to announce a new range of services that comes under the Consulting Services department: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Lab. It is an innovative range of services designed to offer specialized solutions to each client and has artificial intelligence and data as its core.

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In this digital age, the transformative power that data offers is now at the center of attention, as it has evolved from a historical material to a strategic asset. The AI ​​and Data Lab of Grant Thornton Cyprus is in a position to pave the way to unlocking the hidden value of data, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions, innovate faster and achieve sustainable growth.

The AI ​​and Data Lab, supported by an international network with experience in artificial intelligence projects, specializes in prediction and optimization algorithms, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Large Language Models (LLMs)), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms. Grant Thornton Cyprus recognizes that data is no longer a luxury, but a necessity and believes that those who do not recognize this trend risk being left behind.

Monica Odysseos at the helm< /p>

Η Grant Thornton Κύπρου ανακο ινоνει νΕα υπηρεσΙα: Το AI and Data Lab

At the helm of this initiative is Monica Odysseos, who recently joined the Grant Thornton Cyprus team as the head of the AI ​​and Data Lab. Monica has over ten years of experience working in both the UK and Cyprus, specializing in technology solutions in various sectors. He holds a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bath and a Masters in Risk Management from the University of Southampton. She is also a certified Associate Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW).

Monica's experience spans the field of developing artificial intelligence solutions in the finance, health and shipping sectors, leaving her mark both locally and in the European field. Its expertise in developing Machine Learning models for predictive and optimization solutions, combined with deep learning algorithms for natural language processing models, highlights its unique approach to understanding the needs of each organization. Her technical and business skills blend seamlessly, making her a valued leader in the AI ​​and data space.

Monica is also a certified trainer from HRD, training people with non-technical backgrounds to understand the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation tools. In addition, she is the chair of the ICAEW Data and Analytics committee and has published a number of articles on Artificial Intelligence.

In his comment Stavros Ioannou, CEO of Grant Thornton Cyprus, said: “The launch of the AI ​​and Data Lab is in line with our ongoing commitment to stay ahead of industry developments and harness the transformative power of data. Monica Odysseos is the ideal person to lead this initiative, and we are delighted to welcome her to the Grant Thornton family. We are confident that with her extensive knowledge, we will be able to offer even more specialized solutions that deliver substantial value to our clients.”

For more information about the AI ​​and Data Lab, you can click here.

Η Grant Thornton Κy&pi ;ρου ανακοινоνει νΕα υπηρεσΙα: Το AI and Data Lab

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