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Μεγαλη ερ&epsilon ;υνα BPW Cyprus

Family responsibilities deprive women of professional advancement – ​​Change of working models here and now

Extremely important from every point of view, are the findings of the major market research on the position of women in the economic and political arena, carried out by RAI Consultants on behalf of BPW Cyprus (Cyprus Federation of Professional Business Women, under the title “The Position of the woman is ________”.

The presentation of the large market research took place on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, at the Head Offices of Hellenic Bank, in the context of the Annual General Meeting of BPW Cyprus.

< p>As the research shows, even though the woman in Cyprus today has the skills, qualifications, but also the possibilities as well as the corresponding opportunities to advance in her field of activity, she is nevertheless unable to do so to a very large extent due to family and other responsibilities with which it is charged.

The market research was presented on behalf of RAI Consultants by the Managing Director of the Organization, Tassos Charalambous, indicating, based on the findings, the need for the state itself to re-evaluate the working models that apply today and to promote new ones that will meet modern needs of the woman, as the time dictates.

He even cited as an example the dual role of a woman who is both a worker and a mother, a classic case where the desire and the possibility of professional and not only advancement, is blocked by family responsibilities, especially regarding the children, even if he is the partner and father it is there and helps in practice. “It is here that the term labor discrimination should take its place in modern work models, which will significantly contribute to the advancement and participation of women in high-ranking positions. The same is true in the political arena, where many hours are required as a matter of fact”, as underlined.

In the symbolism of the title of the research and especially the gap that we are all called upon to fill, the president of BPW Tasia Giannara stood, wondering what is the position of the female professional, entrepreneur, politician today. To point out that the Federation's aim is to utilize the conclusions and findings of the research in order to develop its work in a targeted and more effective direction.

Research can be an absolutely valuable tool for the the state itself in terms of the changes and corrections that must be made, in order for the woman to be properly supported to be able to stand and contribute to the market and by extension the economy of the place, as well as to its political and cultural events place, as the treasurer and president of the Finance Committee of BPW Cyprus Christina Foradaris, who also had the general mandate of the project in question, rightly emphasized in her welcome.

Greetings at the presentation were addressed by the Gender Equality Commissioner Jozi Christodoulou , on behalf of the President of the Republic of Cyprus and the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance Yiannis Panagiotou.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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