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Greece: Farmers from all over Greece arrived at Syntagma with tractors for the rally (see video)

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Ελλαδα: Eφτασα ν στο Σyνταγμα με τρακτΕρ οι αγρότ ες απoλη την Ελλδα για το συλλα&lambda ;ητorριο (δεΙτε βΙντεο)

At 18:30 the rally of farmers – ELAS is closing roads – Buses arrive from all over Greece – Farmers from Crete arrive in Athens by ship

In Athens they are protesting todaythe farmers, after four weeks of being at roadblocks all over Greece: dozens of tractors have already arrived at Syntagma Square, while farmers from Crete and many regions of the country arrived by boat and coach early in the morning . Greek farmers, like their colleagues in many European capitals, chose to culminate their mobilizations in the center of Athens protesting against the provisions of the new CAP.

With a basic slogan “without us, what will you eat?, the farmers from central Greece started early today on their journey that started yesterday morning and spent the night at the Castle of Boeotia.

The rally, which was decided after the meeting that the representatives of the farmers had last week with the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is scheduled for 6.30 in the afternoon, while until now their approach to the center of Athens is coordinated and in full consultation with the police, in order to limit as much as possible the consequences on the operation of the city.

Ελλαδα: Εφτασαν σ σ ; απoλη την Ελλαδα για το συλλαλη τorριο (δεΙτε βΙντεο)

The center of Athens it is practically impassable, while the traffic is closed in order to facilitate the movement of farmers who arrive with tractors, agricultural vehicles, but also with the metro, those who travel with the coaches that will be parked at the Olympic Stadium.

The farmers are still insisting on meeting the demands despite the fact that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis made it clear yesterday that “we have nothing to give”, however he described today's rally as a means of pressure in his hands towards Brussels.

Around 1 p.m. the convoy of over 120 tractors from areas of Central Greece and Thessaly passed Aphidnes and continued for inAthens, with vehicles moving at speeds of approximately 40 km/h. Shortly after 1:30 the first s arrived at the Constitution9 tractors from Evia. As an informal “welcoming committee” taxi owners have parked their vehicles at the height of Spyros Patsis on Athens Avenue with the traffic police blocking traffic in the right lane.

See video from… noisy entry of the tractors into Athens, their passage through central streets of the capital with the final destination Syntagma and their reception by the citizens…


Convoys of tractors from Thessaly and Central Greece entered Athens in three groups – the first from Evia with 9 agricultural machines, followed by the 2nd and 3rd groups with 78 tractors and 50 tractors respectively.

Meanwhile, in Megara coaches carrying farmers from the Peloponnese and other regions of the country started arriving shortly after 2 pm. There, twenty buses gathered and are headed to OAKA, where they will park.

Ελλαδα: Eφτασαν &sigma σ σ ; απoλη την Ελλαδα για το συλλαλη τorριο (δεΙτε βΙντεο)

Ελλαδα: Εφτασαν σ σ ; απoλη την Ελλαδα για το συλλαλη τorριο (δελτε βλντεο)

Additional traffic regulations

According to the press representative of ELAS, police officer B’ Konstantia Dimoglidou there will be additional traffic regulations on the road axis that includes Deligiorgi, Piraeus, Stadiou, Philellinon and Xenophontos streets.

< p>The statement of Mrs. Dimoglidou in detail:

“Due to the movement of the farmers towards the center of Athens, we inform you that within the next hour the Traffic will additionally implement traffic regulations in order to safely carry out both the movement of the farmers and the movement of the rest of the citizens in the area.

In particular, there will be traffic regulations after Athens Avenue and on the road axis that includes Deligiorgi, Piraeus, Stadiou, Filellinon and Xenophontos streets.

It is reminded that the traffic regulations are still in force on Agios Konstantinou Street, Omonia Square and Panepistimi Street.

Citizens are requested to avoid moving on the above roads until the completion of the mobilizations”.

Watch a video of the first 9 tractors that started for the center of Athens

Farmers' requests

“We will set the tone and demand that the government solve our problems,” says one of the farmers who will participate in today's rally, the president of a union federation of agricultural associations Karditsas, Kostas Tzellas. The farmers started their mobilizations demanding immediate restoration of the damages in Thessaly, a reduction in the cost of electricity, an immediate improvement in the terms of the Common Agricultural Policy and a reduction in the cost of agricultural oil.

Of the above, the essential < strong>requestwhat remains, after the meeting they had with the prime minister (as they received satisfactory, as they describe, proposals for the rest, with the electricity plan being the most characteristic), is tax-free agricultural oil. The government responded to this request with a return of EFK to agricultural oil, amounting to 83 million euros and a commitment that the advance payment of 40 million euros from the return of the EFK will be made at the end of March. The farmers, however, were not satisfied with the EFFK and are demanding tax-free, an issue they describe as “immediate and imperative”.

Among other things, farmers and breeders are asking for a reduction of VAT on basic food items, mainly milk, to 6% from 13% (on the grounds that it will help consumers and stimulate the absorption of agricultural and livestock products), immediate payment of subsidies of the new CAP, but also protection of producer prices from unfair commercial practices, completion by the HYPAAT of the trial of the control mechanisms. They also request regulation of farmers' loans with cancellation of 80% of the capital and interest and repayment of the remaining 20% ​​in 15 years, immediate implementation of measures for full compensation of those affected by fires and floods, a plan for the reconstruction of the countryside, ensuring the liquidity of farmers, etc. .a

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