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Greece: For a week, the police monitored the model who was trafficking drugs

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Greece: For a week, the police monitored the model who was trafficking drugs

Information about a “couple trafficking cocaine in shops in the center and the southern suburbs” was the one used by the Police to reach the arrest of the 29-year-old, well-known model and her partner, who will be brought before the Investigator on Monday, accused of trafficking drugs.

According to the case file against the two defendants, the couple had been under surveillance for almost a week before being arrested on Thursday, as police had specific information from “a person who wished to remain anonymous citing personal security reasons”. even his life “. The information, according to the testimony of a police officer who participated in the operation to arrest the two, gave specific data and descriptions of the 29-year-old model and her 32-year-old partner for trafficking significant quantities of cocaine in nightclubs. The informant also reportedly said that the two defendants were selling cocaine for 40 thousand euros per kilo.

According to the testimony of the Police officer, the monitoring yielded results regarding the 32-year-old: he was constantly looking at all the people and vehicles passing by and after boarding the above motorcycle he was going to various night shops in the center of Athens and the southern suburbs where he was holding suspicious meetings for a short time “.

Police first arrested the 32-year-old, who according to reports, “strongly resisted” and had “seven improvised nylon packages of cocaine, gross weight 7,827 kg” on him and then went to his house, where they arrested the 29-year-old. They found 10 grams of cocaine inside the house, while the police transmitter to the Prosecutor states that the accused allegedly dumped “an unknown amount of drugs inside the toilet area of the apartment… aware of the upcoming police check”.

The two defendants are preparing for their transfer to the Courts on Monday, where they will be called to answer the questions of the Investigator, while a statement from the 32-year-old's lawyer shows that the defendant takes full responsibility for drug trafficking, taking out any illegal action. his companion. According to the lawyer of the 32-year-old, Stavros Georgopoulos, the accused is a drug addict and due to a debt to his supplier “he was forced, as a consumable straw man, to be involved alone without any accomplice in the transfer of the confiscated quantity. “His co-accused had absolutely no knowledge or involvement, on the contrary, she was the one who, knowing his problem, tried to prevent him from coming into contact with drugs.”

Source: politis.com.cy

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