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Greece: Priest attacks metropolitans with vitriol – He threw it with a teaspoon like holy water, in the past he was arrested with drugs

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Greece: Priest attacks metropolitans with vitriol - He threw it with a teaspoon like holy water, in the past he was arrested with drugs

Panic prevailed on Wednesday afternoon at Petraki Monastery, when six priests and the guard of Petraki Monastery were attacked with vitriol, with the result that all of them were transported with injuries to the People's Hospital, while some will then be transferred to the KAT.

According to information, at that time a Synodal Court was in progress, in which a priest from Veria was being tried. The six Metropolitans constituted the composition of a Synodal Court which examined a case with a priest. This is a process parallel to the Permanent Holy Synod that had begun today.

Suddenly and during the announcement of the verdict, the priest in control took out a bottle of caustic liquid and attacked the members of the Synodal Court. According to what is broadcast by Greek media, he sprinkled the Metropolitans with a spoon full of vitriol like the holy water…

Panic prevailed, but the perpetrator could not escape, after he was arrested by the police guard of the Monastery and by police officers of the DIAS group who arrived immediately at the scene after the attack.

According to the first information, the injured who are being taken to the hospital have burns on various parts of their body, with two of them being seriously injured in the face. However, no one's life is in danger.

According to the information, the Metropolitans of Kifissia, Maroussi and Oropos, Mr. Kyrillos, Glyfada, Elliniko, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Varis, Mr. Antonios, Artis, Mr. Kallinikos, Zakynthos, Mr. Dionysios, Mr. Droinogonis, Mr. Dryounitoleos, Mr. Dryounipoleos and Mr. Kassandreia Mr. Nikodimos.

It is worth noting that at the moment, the Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, at the General Hospital of Laiko, where the injured were taken from the Petraki Monastery.

The drug case

Protothema.gr broadcasts that it was June 14, 2018, when a bomb had fallen like a bomb in the Church of Greece that the 34-year-old (then) priest from southern Greece who operated in a village of Alexandria in Imathia, was arrested as a regular “small boat” » Having cocaine hidden under his shirt and in fact in his occult!

The priest believed that the police would respect his status and would not investigate him, but he laughed as the men of the Veria Security had been informed of his passion and were watching him discreetly, until they stopped to check his car. When they did a physical search on the priest, they found that under the raso and even hidden in a “controversial” point, he hid a “fix” with 1.8 grams of cocaine!

The young priest was then handcuffed to the prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Veria, to whom he claimed that he was in a moment of weakness and that the cocaine was for his personal use . He was released after being prosecuted for drug possession. However, the priest was not unknown to the authorities as he had occupied them while operating in a village in Veria.

At that time, incidents broke out in the church and spread in the courtyard with the exchange of “French” between the young pastor and parishioners who attributed financial irregularities to him! In one of the episodes, in fact, the police had to intervene to prevent a conflict! The priest was put on holiday for a while, but then left at the request of the parishioners.

Sources: in.gr, protothema.gr

Source: politis.com.cy

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