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Greece: Real estate with big names in the hammer

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By Matina Kharkoftaki & nbsp;

Well-known names of domestic businesses as well as properties that tend to become … regular patrons of the e-auction platform are reserved for the electronic auctions that are scheduled to take place in the coming days.

The list of “old acquaintances” & nbsp; coming out under the hammer this week and more specifically on Wednesday 23 February is the premises of the former European Exhibition Center & amp; Propolis (EKEP), which is located at the 12th kilometer of the Athens-Lamia national road at the height of Metamorfosi. This auction shows the highest value of first offer among those that have been launched for the current week as it has been set at 17.5 million euros with the accelerator CEPAL Hellas. It is an exhibition and conference center of the Alexopoulos family, which started operating in 1993 and for many years hosted exhibitions from various fields. However, it has been closed for some time and the last time it seems to be used is in early 2013 when it operated as a Family Park. The plot, on which the exhibition center has been built, covers a total area of ​​12.5 acres while the facilities include basement, ground floor, balcony, first and second floor. We remind you that initially the price of the first offer was set at 6,598 million euros, however, after an appeal by Intrum Hellas, which was accepted by the Single Member Court of First Instance of Athens, it increased to 17.8 million euros. & Nbsp;

On the same day (February 23) the luxurious residence of Georgios Glos in Kastella of Piraeus comes under the hammer with a first offer price of 3.3 million euros and I hasten the Probank under special liquidation. This is a three-storey building, which is located on a plot of 329 sq.m. The collapse of the once state-owned clothing chain Glou has put businessman and his brother Antonis in dire financial straits. This, after all, is not the only asset that goes up for auction and is linked to the Glu family. Specifically, the electronic hammer will “hit” for a property, which includes a ground floor store and belonged to the company Glu and & nbsp; is located in Nea Smyrni with a first offer price of 1.4 million euros and with the accelerator CEPAL Hellas.

Another attempt to find an interested buyer is made this week for the emblematic Grand Chalet hotel in Kefalari of Kifissia with a first offer price of 5.28 million euros. & Nbsp;

In addition, among the “loud “hammers is also a luxury property in & nbsp; Mykonos which belonged to Calle Mar Real Estate. With a first offer price of 2.64 million euros, these are two vertical properties, which are functionally united and & nbsp; constitute a single house in the location of Anavolousa – Kanalia on the west side of the island of the Winds.

Finally, in the coming auctions, the project for an ice rink and a sports center in Maroussi will be paraded by the company Athens Ice Rink. , 24 million euros as well as a property owned by Oceanida publications, which is located in Exarchia and more specifically on Dervenion Street and which comes out under the hammer with a first offer price of 382 thousand euros.

Source: Capital.gr

Source: www.philenews.com

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