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Greek Economy: In 3 years food prices increased by 29%

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Olive oil is 68.5% more expensive compared to January 2021

Ελληνικor Οικονομiα: Σε&tau 3 ;η οι τιμeς τροφiμων αυξorθηκαν κα&tau 29%

Dimitra Manifava

Food prices in Greece are 29% higher today compared to January 2021, a period during which the global economic restart gradually began and the first problems in the supply chain began to appear, triggering the first wave of price increases. At the level of the Eurozone, where food prices as a whole were at a higher level than in Greece, the corresponding increase today is of the order of 33%.

Coffee, beef and goat meat are the products in which the price level in Greece is much higher compared to that in the Eurozone, but also in the European Union. In January 2021 the price of coffee in Greece was about 14% higher compared to the Eurozone average, while after about 2.5 years the price of the popular drink in Greece is 21.5% higher.

Although Greece is self-sufficient in goat meat and has a relatively large production of sheep meat, their price has not only skyrocketed, by 45% compared to January 2021, it is also at much higher levels than the Eurozone, specifically by 12%. The picture is similar regarding the price of beef, a product which Greece mainly imports. Its price in September 2023 was, according to Eurostat data, higher by 29.4% compared to January 2021. It is even worth noting that although 2.5 years ago it was lower than the price in the Eurozone and in the EU, it is now higher by 5.3%.

The product in which the largest price increase is recorded, with a trend of further increase not only in Greece but also throughout the EU. , is olive oil. Its price at EU level was in September 2023 higher by 75% compared to January 2021. In Greece its price, which in January 2021 was higher than in the Eurozone, today is 68.5% higher compared to 2.5 years ago.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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