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Green Line trade will support reconciliation, Ferreira said

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    “The value of the trade of the green line from 2004 until today reached 106 million euros”

    The Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms of the European Union (EU), Elisa Ferreira stated that the full utilization of the possibilities ofgreen line trade will support reconciliation.

    According to the GPO, in an exclusive interview with Jeni Duzen, the Commissioner said that the value of the trade of the green line from 2004 until today reached 106 million eurosand that while the trade volume in 2021 was 6.2 million euros, in 2023 it reached a record figure of 16 million euros.

    He noted that the tripling of its trade volume green line is satisfactory and underlined that there are things that everyone can do to increase.

    Referring to the Green Line Regulation, Ms. Ferreira said that in the 20th year since its implementation, it is still extremely appropriate and necessary for its purpose.

    “I want to see green line trade to reach its full potential and this will support reconciliation. For this reason, I call on producers, traders, decision-makers and opinion-makers to do everything in their power to let all Cypriots know and discover the opportunities offered by the trade of the green line so that this is strengthened”.

    The Commissioner added that Green Line trade is an important confidence-building measure and stressed the EU's determination to find a solution to the Cyprus problem within the framework of the United Nations.

    He also expressed the hope that one day the Green Line Regulation would not be needed, noting that this would mean that the Cyprus problem would be resolved.

    To a question about the bi-communal solar energy production project, Ms. Ferreira replied that the EU presented the negotiators of the two communities at the end of February with the results of the preliminary feasibility study with the financing for the construction of a bi-communal solar power plant.

    The study concerns the construction of a power plant of about 36 MW and an energy storage facility, which will be built in the dead zone at two possible sites that experts will recommend, he added.

    < p class="text-paragraph">Answering a question about the European elections, the Commissioner described them as an excellent opportunity to include the Turkish Cypriots in EU affairs and called on the Turkish Cypriots to vote and elect their representatives who will defend their rights.< /p>

    He added that less than 6,000 Turkish Cypriots voted in 2019 and called on them to exercise their democratic right.

    Source: KYPE< /p>

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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