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Griva's hideout is a war zone – Policemen and civilians were injured

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Images of shame in Limassol, from serious incidents that broke out during the 49th anniversary of the death of Grivas. 

Groups of fans from different football teams clashed with each other, turning the area around the monument of General Georgios Grivas Digenis into a battlefield.  

And while the memorial service was in progress, during his speech former Head of GEEF Ilias Leontaris, fans of a certain football club arrived at the venue, and upon entering they met face to face with fans of another football club.  

Tensions and altercations arose between the fans, resulting in bloodshed and the area becoming a come-and-see.  

The head of the TAE Limassol, Lefteris Kyriakou stated that "a portion of fans of a certain team from Limassol had also gathered there and while the trisay was going on smoothly, a large group of organized fans of a football team from Nicosia arrived in the area and entered the fenced area of ​​the monument. When they approached the fans of the football team of Limassol they clashed with each other and were armed with stones, bats and firecrackers. There followed an exchange and stone war between them» 

What followed is not described. Fans grabbed each other's hands and a merciless beating began between them, while stones, firecrackers and anything else they found in front of them fell like rain.

"They were pushed out of the monument by the police and a confrontation ensued between the two disturbing groups. “There was a large gathering of rowdy fans, who clashed with stones, firecrackers, flares and other offensive weapons while the police were in the center trying to restore order,” Kyriakou said.

Fighting ensued. body to body. There were police forces in the area, who intervened and then the fans were separated. However, shortly afterwards clashes continued, both between fans and with police in adjacent streets.

Strong police forces were called in the area for reinforcements, both from the MAAD and from the special anti-riot teams, which after some time managed to push back the riots and restore order. 

Mr. Kyriakou pointed out that "seeing these disturbances, a recall was made and other members of ours were called, who were transported to the area of ​​the incidents and contributed to the restoration of order". The account of the episodes is heavy.

Six police officers were injured and taken to the first aid station for treatment. While two other persons, civilians, who were in the area were injured by stones thrown by the rioters.

The incidents caused damage to official police vehicles, shop windows and real estate as well as a number of private vehicles.   

An investigative team was set up at the Limassol police department, made up of experienced officers who have put under their microscope closed surveillance circuits, photos and documents found in the area with the aim of identifying and arresting the riots . 

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Source: www.sigmalive.com

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