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Gula: “To reach Apollon at the highest level” – What he said about transfers (vid)

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The new coach of the “Blues” opened his papers

Γκλα φτσν Απλω αοψηεδιεε ;αμεταγρφς

Apollonas introduced the team's new coach, Adrian Goula, in his interview room of the “ALPHAMEGA” stadium.

The highlights:

The greeting of Nikos Kirzis:

“I welcome Mr. Goula to the big Apollo family and to Limassol. We had earlier contacts, but unfortunately no agreement was reached then because he wanted to stay to recharge his batteries for his next football season. The first name that came to mind after we made the decision not to continue with Mr. Macin, was that of Mr. Gula. It didn't take us long to strike a deal. We talked for many hours, met in London at Easter and agreed. He is a coach who…builds teams. He has a leading role in every team. He plays attacking football and is staffed with a strong team which is important for achieving our goals. We have confidence in Mr. Gula as a management and we will support him. I want to ask people to be patient and support the effort. We are building a team not for today but also for tomorrow. Together, we will bring Apollo back to where we have been used to it for the last 10 years.” 

The word to Adrian Goula:

“It is an honor to join this team. I will do my best for this team and the world.”

On the young footballers: “We have to look at their quality, their dynamics them, I will give opportunities and open doors to young footballers”. 

For his stats: “Stats are important but every team is different. My goal is to take Apollo to the highest level through hard work.”  

For his transfer plan:“We have to move quickly and find good players. We discuss daily with the management in which positions we will strengthen. We first need to check the existing roster and the course to find the players we need.” 

On what he learned about Apollo before comingi: “I always like to hear the vision of the team, what the President told me with satisfied. I saw videos and info about the team. It was a very good step for me, I came to a very big team”.

On his playing style: “I like attacking and dominant football . Keeping the balance”.

For the next transfers:“We still need four to five transfers.” 

For the future of Peretz-Kremnchik, Nikos Kirzis answered: “At the moment, both of them have contracts with Apollo until further notice. If there is something to announce then we will inform”.

Nikos Kirzis turn to answer questions:

What makes him to believe that Apollo will succeed with Mr. Goula:“The first thing we did was to make a plan for what we want for the team, not the coach. That is why we had these results in the last two years. Mr. Gula ticked all the boxes that we asked for this year and I think we will succeed with the same coach”.

About the transfers and the budget< /strong>: “I can't talk about the other teams because I don't know what happens to their amounts. As Apollo we can't follow numbers like that, anyway we couldn't follow them in the…good time. Of course what they sound like, why I don't know. Our budget will be reduced, but it does not mean. We want to bring in footballers who deserve what they get and show it on the pitch. I believe that mistakes will be corrected faster because there is a plan and a coach that fits it.” 

For the financial:“As we have done every time, we will do this again this year and we will get it done. It is not the first time that we have not made a profit from Europe. So it's not just these years. Because last year we were outside our goals, so was the compensation of the players. We also made our mistakes but the Apollon players are…spoiled. They are not used to being unpaid for one to one and a half months. Bakunga has sent a letter to FIFA, not an appeal. We spoke with the footballer's lawyer and we will find a solution for this too”.

About Apollo's taxation and debt:< em>“There were debts from the first of January 2007. In these, Apollo is very consistent. We are in consultation with the state to pay off these obligations more quickly through the bet. Not just us but all the teams. It's a shame that 1.7 million are given to football a year and now the new… fruit has entered the Ethics Committee which is paid from every investigation it does and at the end a small amount is left for the teams”.< /p>

Why Macin left: “We didn't achieve any of the goals we set. No championship, no cup, no six. Second was the mentality. But it's no excuse to go play cup games with… 13 defenders! He shows that he doesn't believe in the team and spoils the story and what we built the team. He wanted two players 33 and 35 years old and when a start is made I can't go and invest in such old footballers. These were the main scholars, but there were others.” 

For Phoivos Vakis: “These are episodes of a bad movie. I want us to solve this within the family. It is a matter concerning the company Apollo. Mr. Vaki has offered a lot. He has helped the team many times. We cannot help but listen to the other side, the other point of view. Mr. Maragos did not want to meet with Mr. Vakis. I, in the meeting I had with Mr. Maragos, told him that what happened should not have happened. Putting things out like that is completely wrong. Mr. Phoebus will be Apollo's representative in KOP. We're clear.”

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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