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Gurdjieff: Kurciat was mistakenly arrested in Italy, he took advantage of the coincidence…

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 Γκιούρτζιαφ&epsilon ;ρ: Απo λαθος συνελorφθη ο Κιουρσια&tau ; στην ΙταλΙα, εκμεταλλεyτηκε τη σyμπτωση η...

“Her actions only change the portfolio of buyers in 'Northern Cyprus', the purchases do not stop,” he said between others the president of the T/c contractors association

Due to a technical error, “something was left on the screen”, Akan Kursiat was arrested and not because of a “specially organized effort”, said the president of the Turkish contractors' association, Giaffer Gurdjieff, who expressed confidence that the Turkish lawyer would appear at the hearings and would like to be tried.

He noted that it was interesting that Cursiat was extradited from Italy to the Republic of Cyprus and released on bail without even having his travel documents confiscated, even though it was known that he was going to the occupied .

He claimed that the Turkish side was already looking for ways to prevent or even end the construction activity in the occupied territories and took advantage of this coincidence of the arrest of the Turkish lawyer in Italy.

“In order not to negatively affect the process and not give opportunity to chauvinists, I do not want to comment too much on this matter,” he said. Speaking in general, Mr. Gurdjieff referred to a positive climate that began as a result of the search for peace and a solution to the Cyprus problem, noting Erdogan's visit to Athens a short time ago and added: “I think that the international community has not allowed this positive process that has start”.

Mr. Gurjafer stated that after the arrest of Kursiat, the political leadership and politicians made statements according to public opinion, but the whole situation that was created is as if term ki eteken myn”, “as if he would never get out of prison, a perception was created”.

The Cyprus problem, he continued, will not be solved either with the ECtHR's decisions on property or by ignoring the property problem in the “north”. “The Cyprus issue will be resolved at the negotiating table”.

He also mentioned that there are 8 billion people in the world. “The number of buyers that Cyprus is looking for is 30 – 40 thousand. 80 million people live in Turkey. Maybe there are 200 – 300 thousand buyers who can come from Turkey alone. There are still countries outside the European Union, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. As a result of these actions of the I/O side, only the portfolio of buyers in North Cyprus changes, the purchases do not stop”.

He added that it is now necessary to seriously discuss the exchange, refund and compensation for the properties. He also argued that the impact of property on the Cypriot should be reduced, so the solution will be easier, as he said. “compensation” for this in the occupied territories. “What will happen now, I will have property both in the north and in the south?” He said that the T/k left thousands of houses and acres in the free areas and took houses in the occupied areas to live. And he considers that there should be an “exchange”, i.e., “property for property”.

He estimated that the Cyprus issue will not be resolved either in favor of the expectations of the Greek side, or on the basis of the recognition of the pseudo-state. However, he expressed optimism about the process that begins with the appointment of the personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General.

Source: politis.com.cy

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