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Hadjivassiliou vaccine: “We are all members of a global experiment”

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Hadjivassiliou vaccine: “Herd immunity does not exist, they are still investigating the parameters of the pandemic”

The well-known presenter Vicky Hadjivassiliou presented her own opinion about the coronavirus. Through a post on Instagram, the presenter broke out, on the occasion of the vaccine against the deadly virus.

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“It seems that with this particular virus, herd immunity does not mean what we had in mind. With some viruses, such as e.g. with chickenpox, if you get stuck once, that was it. Go and finish. You will not attach it again for the rest of your life. On the other hand, there are diseases like the flu. People get stuck and get stuck again because there is a combination of immunity and the constant mutations and mutations of the virus that are constantly out there. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is more like the flu than chickenpox. New mutations will occur constantly, infecting people who are either sick or vaccinated.

So the immunity we will have from a previous disease or vaccination will be temporary and we will need continuous vaccinations in the coming years. “Unfortunately, we understand this as time goes on, we do not know for sure how things will turn out.” “Jeffrey Seiman, chief epidemiologist at Columbia University in New York,” the presenter initially wrote.

“Just to make it clear that scientists are now turning us around, herd immunity does not exist, they are still investigating the parameters of the pandemic, we are all members (willingly or unwillingly) of a global experiment, and generally our Covid. γλεντάει. However, I never remember a flu vaccine catching all the mutations! Every year the flu (which I remind you is INCLUDED IN THE CROWNS) appears with new strains. Otherwise, it would have disappeared from the planet years ago. Therefore; Covid 19 came to stay ??? I DO NOT SUGGEST SOMETHING SPECIFIC, I JUST SUBMIT MY CONCERN !! Good morning!” completed.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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