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Hair tangles in Paphos Bar Association – Members resign by firing on president

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The members of the Paphos Bar Association submitted their resignation to the President of the Pancyprian Bar Association in protest of the many and frequent confrontations of the council with the president of the Paphos Bar Association.

In a relevant letter, the members of the Paphos Bar Association note that the operating guidelines of the Paphos Bar Association council were not followed by the president, according to their allegations, with the result that the Council is left exposed. They consider that their resignation is a one-way street and is submitted as a sign of protest for the harmful actions of the president of the Paphos Bar Association.

Indicatively, the outgoing council states that the issue of the Bar Association Paphos was one of the main causes of the confrontation between them. As they claim in their letter “the president of the Paphos Bar Association about a year ago, without any approval of the council and ignoring their remarks, met with a company on terms favorable to the company and unfavorable to the Bar Association” and speak, among other things. for a possible conflict of interest.

According to the resigned lawyers of the Paphos Bar Association, the issue of the club is still causing controversy. They also point out that the members requested an extraordinary meeting on the issue of the club and the issue of termination of the unfavorable contract was raised, but according to their allegations, the president stubbornly refused to schedule a meeting, thus losing the opportunity to end again.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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