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Half of the Parliament for red loans PEP, Adamos peaks for Odysseus – The names are published on Monday

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Half of the Parliament for red loans PEP, Adamos peaks for Odysseus - The names are published on Monday

Another small step towards transparency and accountability was taken yesterday by the plenary session of the Parliament, voting in favor of revealing the names of the 22 politically exposed persons (PEP) who keep “red” loans to the former Co-operation and are recorded in the report of the Auditor General. 41 deputies voted in favor of the publication, Zacharias Koulias voted against, while MPs Marinos Sizopoulos and Costas Konstantinou (DISY) abstained. The names of the 22 RDPs will be posted on Monday on the website of the Parliament together with the minutes of the debate that took place in the plenary session of the Parliament. Four deputies included in the list of 22 RDPs asked for the floor yesterday and from the Plenary Session referred to their “red” loans, claiming that they did not receive favorable treatment. They are MPs Zacharia Koulia, Paniko Leonidou, Skevi Koukouma and Kostis Efstathiou. The list of 22 also includes Pampis Kyritsis and Sotiroula Charalambous, to whom the secretary general referred. of AKEL Andros Kyprianou stating that they did not receive any favorable treatment.

Nothing wrong

The conclusions of the report of the Auditor General Odysseas Michailidis will be posted on the website of the Parliament together with the 22 names of the RDPs. Specifically, through his research he found that PEP received loans of millions of euros from the former Cooperative without sufficient collateral, were written off “red” loans of € 4.2 million in the context of restructuring and were granted in exchange for debt real estate € 4.9 million. which were of much lower value than the “red” loans written off. However, for all of the above findings, the Auditor General did not reach certain conclusions as to whether the 22 RIPs in question were treated favorably. It is for this reason, after all, that the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection in her opinion to Mr. Michailidis, who fully adopted, indicated that the public interest is not served by the disclosure of the names of the 22 RDPs if under his control Odysseus Michailidis did not come to safe conclusions for favorable treatment. Here is what the Auditor General says in his report on the RIP 22: nor should it be considered that this report attributes inappropriate conduct to the RDP in a public position as it was not possible for our service to examine the personal circumstances of each RDP that might have prevented it from complying with its loan obligations. . Nor does it necessarily mean that the restructuring solutions show favorable treatment of the WFP, since in order to reach a safe conclusion in such a classification, one must consider a sufficient number of other similar third-party cases to make a reliable comparison of the handling of the WFP. with these persons “.

Before the Plenary Session, the Speaker of the Parliament, Adamos Adamou, stated that he is very angry with the Auditor General, who transferred the responsibility of revealing the names of the 22 RDPs to the Parliament because “we have immunity”, he said. Announcing, at the same time, that he will not accept the submission of any list in Parliament again by anyone. “Whoever is a dude should publish the lists himself”, Mr. Adamou suggested.

The other lists

The decision to publish the names of the 22 RDPs by the Parliament, as was done on 21/1/2021 with the Giorkatzi list, is not enough on its own. There should be investigation and accountability. The Parliament will move in this direction as well, as the President of the House assured. After reports by MPs Averof Neophytou, Michalis Giorgallas, Giorgos Perdikis and Giorgos Lillikas that the investigation of their “red” loans should follow the publication of the 22 RDPs, Mr. Adamou announced that the Parliament will assign an audit The investigation of both the list of Giorkatzis and the list of Odysseas Michailidis with the 22 RDPs, in order to determine, as he said, whether the RDPs named as well as their close relatives were favorably treated by banks. It is noted that the list of Giorkatzi was published without any investigation while the list of the “red” loans of 22 RDP of Odysseas Michailidis was investigated to some extent with the findings that were extracted not leading to safe conclusions.


However, the determination shown by the Parliament for transparency and accountability, and which the most skeptics attribute to it in the upcoming parliamentary elections, cannot and should not be selective. Yesterday, George Perdikis reminded his colleagues that before the Parliament there is another list of RDPs prepared by the Auditor General and includes the names of 84 current and former high-ranking government and elected officials who were inconsistent with their tax obligations. This list has been registered in the drawers of the Parliament for a year and a half. He also recalled the list of RDPs located at the Central Bank, also known as the Stavrinaki list, which concerns “red” RDP loans until 2013. On their part, the secretary general of AKEL Andros Kyprianou and if. DIKO president Christiana Erotokritou spoke about another list of RDPs and RDP-related companies that need to be investigated. In particular, they referred to the closed period before the “haircut” of deposits where some, as they said, managed to flee abroad deposits of millions of euros even though the banks were not operating. Andros Kyprianou referred specifically to the close family environment of President Anastasiadis, claiming that they took the family abroad, in the closed period, a total of € 37.2 million. to other banks. DISY responded with the well-known slogan and very popular at this time “all in the light”, indicating that the party from the first moment was in favor of publishing both the Giorkatzi list and the Odysseas list with 22 RDPs, although the list includes current and former party MPs.


Yesterday's debate in the plenary of the Parliament was held in high tones. Andros Kyprianou complained that the Parliament is being carried away by a current of populism and has enormous responsibilities for the populism that is developing in society, sending people “so that public opinion can see blood as in Roman arenas”. That way, he said, other real scandals are being covered up. For his part, DISY parliamentary representative Nikos Tornaritis spoke of a huge gap in trust between politicians and citizens. “Unfortunately,” he said, “populism, which has repeatedly left parliament, has fostered that sentiment.” He cited the need for other ways to expand the Republic and restore public confidence, citing ongoing changes to the Pothen Esches law, the implementation of incompatibility and conflict of interest, and the adoption of horizontal voting.

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