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Halloumi kills CETA? Juncker found it a “rubber thing”…

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Halloumi kills CETA? Juncker found it a

The decision of the Parliament to block the EU-Canada trade agreement – known as CETA – a few days ago, did not go unnoticed by the international political media. As of yesterday, Politico has been focusing on issues in the Cypriot parliament's decision on the issue, expressing concern that the decision may drag on the Netherlands or even Italy, which have also not ratified the agreement in their own parliaments. The Cypriot parliament is the first to reject in the first phase the EU-Canada agreement, which in its preliminary phase is in force since 2017.

According to Politico, Brussels officials have been preparing for such an eventuality for years and believe they have put in place adequate safeguards to ensure that no national parliament can invalidate the entire EU-Canada agreement. The international political portal conveys the view that for the first time the agreement is being tested and questioned and the question that arises is whether the decision of the parliament in Cyprus, entices other countries that have not yet ratified the agreement.

Politico points out that until now, Brussels has been using the protection of halloumi as a product of origin, in order to put pressure on Cyprus to proceed with the reunification of the island, in order to protect the origin from all over Cyprus, both in the free areas. as well as those occupied through a common health system. The political magazine considers that E / K and T / K recognize that the recognition of halloumi as PDO will bring huge economic benefits to the island.

In the article entitled “WELCOME TO HELLOUMI”, Politico sees behind the decision of the Cypriot parliament an attempt to put pressure on Brussels in relation to the recognition of halloumi as a PDO. The columnist jokingly recalled a post he charged former Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, saying: but I am not a big fan of this rubber thing “to add” it is with great personal sorrow that we have not yet seen the reunification of the island, but I live with the hope that something like this can happen “.

According to the article, the Cypriot government should inform the European Council of the final decision not to ratify the EU-Canada agreement, while the question arises as to who will dare to do so, at a time when its solidarity Due to the Turkish challenges, the EU seems to have an urgent need for Cyprus. There is also strong concern that this stance could eventually derail the entire EU-Canada agreement due to the hallucination.

Source: politis.com.cy

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