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Handcuffs on a former military doctor for exemptions in the National Guard

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The police arrested a retired military doctor as a suspect for participation in the circuit that allegedly granted suspensions or exemptions to conscripts from the obligation to fulfill military service under the pretext that they are suffering from mental illness. The 70-year-old doctor, who is currently privatizing and is associated with the GESS, was arrested on the 20th of the month and brought before the Nicosia District Court, which issued a detention order for six days.

According to information of “P”, the specific doctor is checked by the TAE of the Police Headquarters to determine the validity of the information that was obtained and that he is involved in the circuit. It should be noted that as a military doctor he was directly involved in all the decisions taken to grant suspensions or even exemptions to conscripts and reservists from their military service due to mental illness.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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